Official 1st Day of School Photos (Plus, Victoria!)

It’s the 1st day of school.

William – 5th

Alex – 4th

Ben – 3rd

Henry – 2nd

I don’t know when my “babies” got so big!

As always, we did the traditional 1st Day of School photo outside with signs! Every since William entered Kindergarten I’ve been making these signs for them all on the very first day.

This year Victoria wanted one, too!

1st Day of School Photo

They all seem to have great teachers this year, so I’m excited about that!!

Initial 1st Day thought…

William is with kids he hasn’t been with in a couple of years, which I think is probably a good. They all have sort of morphed into their own people over the last 2 years, which is good on all fronts. When you’re a young kid, you really need mom and dad to step up and help out with meeting new kids. When you’re 11 years old, you’re good on your own and it’s time for mom and dad to step back. So I’m excited for William’s 5th grade year. He’s not with one of his best friend’s, which I know was tough for him to see this morning. I kept saying – there’s lunch and recess together!!

My Alex was hoping to have the same teacher William had last year, so there were a few tears from him. When he saw that he was with all of his friends, he felt better! But I know he was initially bummed.

My Ben is with a teacher he’s had in the past and he LOVES her! I feel like he’s with the exact teacher he should be with, so I’m thrilled! He didn’t know a lot of the boys in his class, but Ben’s the type of kid to meet and make new friends easily.

My Henry is with the same 2nd grade teacher all my guys have had throughout school. She is amazing and it’s perfect for him. He has a ton of friends in his class, so he’ll be fine this year!!

My hopes for this year…

Meet new friends
Love their teachers
Study hard
Do well in school
Be kind to others
Have fun and be KIDS!

Here’s to the 2015-2016 school year!

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  1. Those are all wonderful goals for this year! Best wishes for a blessed and rewarding school year for everyone in your amazing family.

Official 1st Day of School Photos (Plus, Victoria!) was last modified: September 2nd, 2015 by Audrey McClelland