80 Family Friendly Things to Do on a Friday Night

Friday nights are a lot different now then they were 15 years ago. Friday nights are all about family and to be honest – it costs an arm and leg to find a babysitter for 5 kids! As much as I would love to do a regular Friday night date with Matt, it’s just not feasible or practical. Family. It’s what we’re about and it’s who we’re with on Friday nights.

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We’re always looking for fun and different things to do with our family. It’s not always easy to come up with exciting things, so I thought it would be cool to just make a list and give the kids some choices every Friday night. When I started, I just couldn’t stop! I came up with 80 things pretty quickly… these aren’t all perfect for my family, but they could be for yours!

Share with me in the comments some that I missed, too! Love to add them on!

Mini Golf
Pool Night (Local Pool Center)
Picnic in your Backyard
Visit a Beach (toss rocks, build castles, etc)
Trampoline Park
Make your Own Pizza Night
Sleepover with Friends/Cousins
Sushi Night
Ice Cream Sundae Night
Grill Night
Neighborhood Walk
Bike Ride
Scavenger Hunt
Dye Eggs (who needs just Easter!)
Hibachi Night
Game Night with Board Games
Batting Cages
Puzzle Night
Visit a Library
Watch Old Family Videos
Taco Night
Rent a Movie
Have your Extended Family over for a BIG Family Night
Family Run
Family Fashion Show (or with friends)
Make a Music Video
Craft Night
Local Theater Production
Find a Local Carnvial
Visit a Planetarium
Make Rainbow Loom Bracelets
Have your Children Teach you Minecraft (or any video game!)
LEGO Project
Shopping Trip at the Mall
Catch up on Old TV Shows Together
Make your Own Popcorn
Play Wii
Head to a City near you and Walk Around
Ice Skating (indoor arena)
Play Baseball
Water Balloon Fight
Head to an Arcade
Visit a Local Museum
Build a Fort in the Living Room
Have BRINNER (breakfast for dinner)
Bake a Cake, Cupcakes, Cookies
Make a Movie with your Family
Work on a Family Scrapbook
Pinterest Craft Party
Family Yoga
Play Basketball
Paint a Room in your House
Laser Tag!!
Fondue Night!
Mystery Rides (surprise your kids!)
Go-Kart Racing
Visit a local Farm
Apple Picking
Paint Pumpkins
Decorate for Halloween
Costume Shopping For Halloween
Dance Party Night
Hair tutorials on YouTube (practice on daughter!)
Project Night (house project you’ve been putting off!)
Roller Skating
Indoor Kid Play Center
Hike through the Woods (find local paths)
Visit Grandparents
Learn Fantasy Football
Create a Homework Station
Grocery Shopping (to get ahead!!!)
Try a NEW Family Recipe together

80 Family Friendly Things to Do on a Friday Night was last modified: September 25th, 2015 by admin
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80 Family Friendly Things to Do on a Friday Night was last modified: September 25th, 2015 by admin