Disney Bounding Outfits for D23 Expo #D23Expo

I’m getting ready for the D23 Expo with my FASHION!! I’ve already packed… I’m THAT excited!! We’re all trying to dress up fun every single day, so I thought it would be cool to do some Disney Bounding!! I had never heard of Disney Bounding before, so I was beyond excited to create some looks that go along with some of my FAVE characters!!

Disney Bounding

Disney Bounding

Disney Bounding is when Disney fans dress up as contemporary versions of their favorite characters. It’s basically closet cosplay at its finest!

First up for Disney Bounding!! Cinderella!!

This was the only dress I could find in the perfect shade of blue!! I am obsessed with the look because it’s simple, yet classic for Cinderella!! The shoes, the necklace… it’s going to be SO MUCH FUN!!!

Disney Bounding

Next up – Disney Bounding!!


I bought these adorable sequin ears last week and I thought it would be fun to create a look around them. I bought this red and white polka dot blouse for the look and grabbed a black skirt and black booties!! Minnie is always in that iconic red top, so I felt this worked perfect!!

Disney Bounding

Next for Disney Bounding… 101 Dalmatians!!

OK, this is my FAVORITE LOOK!! I found this black and white polka skirt and KNEW RIGHT AWAY this would be one of my looks! It’s a gorgeous skirt and I thought pairing it with a black tank, red necklace (for the collar!) and black/white shoes would be a blast!!! I’m DYING over this look!!! I cannot wait!!!

Disney Bounding

Last up for Disney Bounding!!!


OK, this is a total fun one!! I thought it would be a blast to dress up with some of the other bloggers under the Inside Out theme!! Since I didn’t have any rainbow unicorn attire at home, I had to order the wig, tutu, gloves and unicorn horn!! My kids LOVE this look and want me to wear this VERY badly at D23 Expo!!!

Disney Bounding

Stay tuned for all of my Disney Bounding!!

I leave tomorrow and will be sporting these looks all weekend!!

What’s YOUR FAVE Disney Bounding look???

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Disney Bounding Outfits for D23 Expo #D23Expo was last modified: March 3rd, 2019 by Audrey McClelland
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Disney Bounding Outfits for D23 Expo #D23Expo was last modified: March 3rd, 2019 by Audrey McClelland