Accu-Chek Connect Helping Parents with Back-to-School Time

One of my son’s friend’s as Type 1 Diabetes and for his mom and dad, it’s a world of worry – especially when he’s heading back to school. My children don’t have Type 1 Diabetes, but they know a bit about it through their friend. It’s not always easy for him and it’s tough on his parents when they’re not with him. I wanted to share this really great information that Roche Diabetes Care sent me for parents dealing with Back to School time and have children with Type 1 Diabetes.

Roche Diabetes Care just launched the Accu-Chek Connect system which consists of a meter, an app and an online portal that lets parents check their child’s glucose leverage anytime, anywhere.

Parents of children with diabetes worry constantly about how to keep them safe and healthy, especially when they are out of their reach. And that stress takes its toll. It’s not surprising that a new survey reveals that 9 out of 10 parents say their child’s diabetes has been a source of worry for them.

Parenting a Child with Type 1 Diabetes

However, what is surprising are the real physical and emotional effects that worry and stress about Type 1 diabetes can have on parents. The majority of parents surveyed (54%) claim to have experienced tension headaches, 40% have experienced anxiety attacks, and more than one-third of parents have been unable to concentrate at work because of stress related to managing their child’s disease. Additionally, 9 out of 10 parents agree that their child’s Type 1 diabetes has required them to adapt their parenting style, with 81% claiming to have acted like a “helicopter parent” because of their child’s diabetes.

Parents can now breathe a little easier thanks to the Accu-Chek Connect system from Roche Diabetes Care.

Accu-Chek Connect

The system, which includes the Accu-Chek Aviva Connect meter, an app and an online portal, lets parents check their child’s glucose levels anytime and anywhere. Blood glucose results are wirelessly sent from the meter to the app and can also be sent directly to parents via auto-generated texts. In addition, the app has a built-in prescription insulin calculator that makes it easier for parents and children to determine how much insulin is needed at mealtime, which can be difficult since its dependent on a range of variables.

In addition, the child’s doctor can activate an insulin calculator on the app, the Accu-Chek
Bolus Advisor, which makes it easy to calculate how much insulin is needed at each meal.
The Accu-Chek Connect app is the first FDA-cleared app with a built-in prescription insulin
calculator on iPhone and Android smartphones or tablets.

It’s pretty incredible.

Again, I love being able to share information like this with other parents because we’re all in this together and if we can offer any advice or information that might help, then we’re all helping.

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