Mommy and Me Romper from Lily Pulitzer

This Mommy and Me Romper from Lily Pulitzer is a must have for you and your mini this season.

I’ve waited my whole mom fashion life for a day like today! A few weeks ago I was one of those crazy ladies who got up at the crack of dawn and trudged to Target to wait in an hour line to see if I could get my hands on any of the Lilly Pultizer for Target pieces. I have to admit, I did really well. I was about 25th in line, so I definitely had my pickings, but I also was more concerned with the Lilly Pulitzer baby and toddler items than I was for myself. My one goal for the day was to try and get a matching outfit for me and Victoria.

As soon as the doors opened, I went right by the ladies clothing where there weren’t many options left, but I quickly grabbed 2 items in my size and dashed for the kids section. I knew there was going to be 100’s of women behind me all clawing for stuff (which there was), so I got what a could and left.

Fortunately for me, there was NOBODY in the kids section. When I say nobody, it was literally just me. There were all options available for me and all sizes neatly laid out. I grabbed about 5 things for Victoria and I made sure 2 of the items were matching to what I was able to get for myself.

If you followed the Lilly Pulitzer for Target story online… everything was sold out in minutes. It was crazy. I knew it was going to be popular, but never thought it would be THIS popular!

So today… on Henry’s birthday, which is always kind of like the first day for summer for me, Victoria and I are going palm-tree-fashion-crazy with Lilly!mommy and me romper


I will say, I was apprehensive about buying myself a romper – but literally, there were 2 things left in my size, so beggars can’t be choosers. I’m 5 feet tall, so I wasn’t sure how it would fit me and if I’d even be comfortable in it. As soon as I got home and had a chance to try it on, I was in love. It was comfy. It fit perfectly. It was just exactly what I didn’t know I always wanted! 🙂Target for Lilly Pultizer Fashion


It was just really fun to see Victoria get excited about us dressed alike. I still remember as a child a sweater set that my mom bought for me, Jane and herself… mint green sweaters, all the same. I always used to feel so special wearing it. I want my little girl to feel that same sense of specialness, too.

This mommy and me romper would go perfectly with these mommy and me shoes!

mommy and me matching rompers


Unfortunately all of the Lilly Pulitzer clothing sold out. I mean, EVERYWHERE. It’s completely and utterly gone. I’m hoping that at some point, they’ll release some more looks because the clothing was incredible and the prices were AMAZING!

Target for Lilly Pultizer Fashion

Target for Lilly Pultizer Fashion


Love it Target!

Thanks for the first Mommy and Me looks!

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  1. Super cute!!!! I have this for both my daughter and I. You look WAY better in it than I do! Every time I put it on to wear, I chicken out. I just don’t know if I can pull it off. I’m going to take a cue from you and add a belt.

Mommy and Me Romper from Lily Pulitzer was last modified: January 17th, 2020 by Audrey McClelland