101 Things to Do this Summer with your Kids

101 Things to Do this Summer with your Kids

Summertime is almost officially here!

My kids get out of school in 1 week and they just can’t wait. It’s been a long school year and they are totally-absolutely ready for a summer of family, friends and fun!

It’s usually right around this time when I start to think, “How can I keep the kids busy all summer?” It’s not always easy. I don’t want couch potatoes all summer long, I want them busy and having fun!

So I’ve come up with some ideas for them – 101 Things to Do this Summer!101 Things to Do this Summer


Lemonade Stand
Join a local Book Club
Water Park Trip
Swimming Lessons
Tennis Lessons
Art Camp
Theater Lessons
Join a Summer Swim Team
Bike Ride
Plant a Garden
Magic Show
Beach Trip
Camping in the Backyard
Nature Walk
Roller Blade Time
Build Sandcastles
Bubble Time
Make Bracelets – Rainbow Loom, Yarn, etc
Painting Party
Ceramic/Pottery Party
Make Ice Cream
Water Balloon Fight
Slip and Slide in the Backyard
Throw a Summer Sundae Party
Jump Roping
Try a Kite
Visit a Farmer’s Market
Visit a Butterfly Garden
Visit a Planetarium
Day Trip to a Close City
Visit a National Monument
Decorate T-shirts
Baking Day
Build a Fort in the Backyard
Tea Party
Go to a Baseball Game
Tie-Dye Fun
Free Classes at Home Depot
Mini Golf Time
Batting Cages
Arts & Crafts
Playground Time
Make Your Own Pizza Lunch
Visit a Circus
Outdoor Concert
Sign-up for a Child’s Road Race
Canoe time
Build or construct a Treehouse
Child Yoga
Instrument Lessons
Slumber Party Time
Watch a Sunset
Horseback Riding
Make a Music Video
Singing Lessons
Movie Night Outside
Play-Doh Time
Shopping Spree
Flashlight Tag
Paint Rocks
Have a Pen Pal
Put on a Neighborhood Play
Tennis Raquet Baseball
S’mores Time
Create an Obstacle Course
Splash/Spray Park
Sprinkler Time
YMCA Youth Camps
Plan a Block Party
Window Markers
Family Game Night
Makeover on your Best Friend
Homemade Popsicles
Diving Lessons
Glow in the Dark Tag
Hula Hooping
Egg Toss
Drive-in Movie
3-Legged Races
Camera Lessons
Start a Summer Journal
Dance when it Rains
Scavenger Hunt
Go on a Bug Hunt
Make your own Towel for the Pool
Create a Summer Club with your Friends
Chalk Time on the Street
Create a Parade for your Neighborhood
Trampoline Park
Car Wash

101 Things to Do this Summer with your Kids was last modified: April 22nd, 2018 by Audrey McClelland
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101 Things to Do this Summer with your Kids was last modified: April 22nd, 2018 by Audrey McClelland