Rack Room Shoes Mother’s Day GIVEAWAY! #‎InMomsShoesGiveaway‬

Are you ready for an AMAZING Mother’s Day GIVEAWAY?

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Giveaway for Rack Room Shoes

How can you enter!!??

Share your best advice your mom or mother figure passed onto you over on Rack Room Shoes Facebook Page in the comments here
– use #InMomsShoesGiveaway for a chance to win FREE SHOES FOR A YEAR!


Have some fun and GOOD LUCK!!

And remember… Happy Mother’s DAY!!!!!!

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  1. always stay true to ur self never change for anyone and they want you to they were never your friends at all

  2. My mother passed to me her trait of never giving up on what you want inlife work hard and aachieve it. When I was in highschool yes I thought I was in love and did Something children shouldn’t be doing and I ended up pregnant. I got married, made a living, completed highschool, and then went to college to become a nurse something I always wanted to do. I love taking care of everyone else. I am now a resident service director over an assisted living and love taking care of my geriatric residents!

  3. always be honest and tell the truth lying always catches up with you

  4. My mom was my best friend, she taught me and my five brothers and sisters by example. She was strong, devoted, loving, she was a great cook, had a great sense of humor and imagination. I believed there was nothing she couldn’t do. She told me that she grew with everyone of us and that’s why she loved being our mom. She loved us with all her heart and never failed to let know how much. If God told me today I could start all over again and be able to choose my mom myself, she would always be the one I would choose.

Rack Room Shoes Mother’s Day GIVEAWAY! #‎InMomsShoesGiveaway‬ was last modified: July 7th, 2017 by Audrey McClelland