Inspirational Sears Mother’s Day Fashion Makeovers #searsStyle #MoreForMom

There’s something very special about being a mother. It’s a role that shapes and helps define the generations to come. As mothers, me included, many of us are non-stop and always on-the-go and busy with our lives. Our priority is our children… we want the very best for them, always. It’s funny, when my kids are happy, that’s when I’m always my happiest. Their laughter and happiness is that kind of awesome contagiousness.

Here’s the thing about motherhood, many times since our families are the priority, we sometimes don’t give ourselves the love and attention that we sometimes need and deserve. It’s nothing that we particularly do on purpose, it’s just how it sometimes goes. The more I talk to moms about this, the more I see that it’s something that happens to more and more and more mothers.

I’m beyond excited to share what Sears let me do with 3 incredible and deserving moms. On April 14th in San Francisco, I got to give 3 moms – Kimberly, Julie and Jen – head-to-toe fashion makeovers featuring new looks from Sears’ exclusive apparel brands Metaphor and Canyon River Blues.

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To me, it was a dream come true because these 3 moms truly embody what it means to be a mother and truly give yourself to your family. I was honored to be there with them for the day and give them a day of pampering, fashion and beauty!

As you can tell, we had some MAJOR fun!

These 3 moms were so inspirational to meet because they just give so much of themselves. As you can tell from the video, they love with all their might and they give with all of their heart. Their stories were so beautiful and so passionate and so real and so honest. Motherhood to them is everything. To be able to just give them a day to be girls, ready for a fashion adventure… it was AWESOME.

Make Mother’s Day memorable for the moms in your life with Sears.

Also, you can click right through on the video to the different fashion items we highlighted at Sears, so ENJOY some fashion fun, too!!

More posts to come, so stay tuned!

Disclosure: This is a sponsored partnership with Sears. All opinions are 100% my own.

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  1. Looks like alot of fun! Thats great that they get a little pampering for the day. I think sometimes that makes me a better mom, you need that alone time from time to time to do something just for you.

  2. This really is inspiring. I love that Sears did this. Every mom needs some extra love and this is a great way to show it 🙂

  3. Awe, what a great thing to do! I love Sears, they have some great clothes. I loved the video and the look on the kids faces at the reveal. These 3 women must have been so happy to have gotten this!

Inspirational Sears Mother’s Day Fashion Makeovers #searsStyle #MoreForMom was last modified: July 7th, 2017 by Audrey McClelland