10 Reasons to Get an Apple Watch

My husband has been counting down the days till the Apple Watch is released (as if he’s going to get one the second they come out). I am a HUGE Apple fan. I have an iPhone, iPad, mini iPad and an Apple laptop. To me, there’s nothing better. When I heard that Apple was coming out with an Apple Watch from my husband, I knew it was going to be incredibly-cool. I also knew it was (most likely) going to be incredible expensive. I wasn’t wrong — on either.

But… and this is a BIG but… just as I said this about the iPhone years ago, I know someday I will have an Apple Watch on my wrist.  My husband won’t let up about it, so I finally decided to sit down last night and truly read all about it.

It is – absolutely – positively – awesome.

From all of my reading and watching guided video tours, here are 12 Reasons Why You Need an Apple Watch (at some point!). And let’s face it… this is the wave of the future, in 10 years, everything will be like this!

Apple Watch


Apple Watch

1. It is supposed to work seamlessly with your iPhone. So if you’re an iPhone user, this should truly help and enhance the full experience for you. This has peaked my interest immensely.

2. I don’t always have my iPhone on me, so I love that this smartwatch is attached to my wrist all day long. Very easy for accessibility.  Since I’m a busy mom, it would be very convenient to just have it right there for me to quickly glance it.

3. It actually “taps” when you receive an incoming notification.

4. It’s like the Jetsons! To start it up, you just have to raise your wrist. Ridiculously cool.

5. You are able to customize the design of your Apple Watch, which I like in terms of putting everything I need right there.

6. It actually registers the information you check the most often and keeps it easily accessible for you. I’m a big mail, Facebook and Instagram user… so those 3 would be easily accessible for me.

7. There’s a digital crown (knob) on the side which helps you peruse all the info on your face watch. You don’t have to constantly be touching the screen.

8. I haven’t held one in my hand, but the reviews seem to say that it’s fairly lightweight. So you’re not walking around with an anchor.

9. There’s a button for people you like to connect with the most. I LOVE this because I have a small list of people that I connect with on a daily basis multiple times. Beast scrolling through my contact list.

10. Apple Pay allows you to set up a system where you have your credit card info stored within the watch, so NO wallet. Amazing.

11. Health and Fitness lovers will like that it tracks your steps and reminds you to keep moving!

12. Also monitors your heart rate! How crazy-cool is that?


I know I won’t be getting one immediately, but I will admit – it’s something that I think is a very cool luxury to have on your wrist. The prices start around $350 and can go up to as high as $10,000.


10 Reasons to Get an Apple Watch was last modified: July 8th, 2015 by Audrey McClelland
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10 Reasons to Get an Apple Watch was last modified: July 8th, 2015 by Audrey McClelland