I love my Alex for millions and millions of reasons.

I’ve said it from the very beginning with my Alex… he’s the happiest kid ever. He’s never moody. He never talks back. He’s my peacemaker and truly the family jokster. He’s the kind of kid that you just want in your lifeboat.

Yesterday at his Championship swim meet, he was trying to qualify in the 100 FREE for YMCA New England Championships. He’s been gunning for this time cut all year and yesterday was his very last shot to make it.

Right before his swim heat went off, his buddy dove in the water trying to make the same time cut. This was my Alex cheering like a mad man for him just seconds before his race…

This is was sports is all about… competing, but most importantly (especially at this age) – being part of a team and friendship.

And for the record, Alex made the cut!

But I couldn’t have been more prouder than seeing him before his race cheering on his friend. Melted my heart.

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