Test Driving the Tide HE Turbo #TurboTime

When Tide’s HE Turbo arrived at my house, I couldn’t wait to give it a test drive! I’m the main laundress in my home, so any product that’s going to make my laundry duties easier and more efficient… I’m all over it and excited to try it out. Tide has always been my brand of choice for my laundry detergent needs because the detergents do what they’re supposed to do – it’s that simple for me. When I purchased my HE washing machine, oddly enough, I didn’t know I needed to use specific detergents for it. As I’ve mentioned before, I learned the hard way that I was using the wrong detergent (non-HE) and once I discovered it, I quickly changed my ways.

Tide created the HE Turbo as the first and only detergent specifically designed to get outstanding results from an HE washing machine. As an HE owner, this is exactly what I want to hear. I want a detergent that is going to help me achieve the water and energy savings of my HE machine. I want a detergent that is going to deliver what it promises to deliver.

Before I kicked off my Tide HE Turbo Test Drive, I thought it would be fun to do a Suds Demo with the Tide HE Turbo vs. a competitor’s HE detergent. I wanted to see up close and personal just how the SmartSuds technology worked. The SmartSuds technology in HE Turbo detergents were designed to create fewer suds and rinse cleanly in a single cycle. It’s pretty amazing how you can see this first-hand in a simple Suds Demo. This is all to realize the energy and water saving benefits from your machine.

Pretty incredible, right? Notice how the suds collapse immediately. It’s pretty amazing to see it when you’re looking at it next to another brand. You see the difference in a flash!

With HE Turbo SmartSuds, your laundry won’t carry over suds meaning that your HE washer won’t go into additional rinses cycles that can add up to 25 minutes to your cycle time and waste up to 10 gallons of water.

This is what was happening to me before! One of the whole reasons for me buying an HE washer being completely eliminated – I was using just as much water and energy!

So now for my personal Test Drive with the HE Turbo in my HE washer!

I washed 4 swim team towels in a quick wash cycle for my Turbo Test Drive. The quick cycle was recommended to me as the ultimate test because the cycle is shorter and there’s less time for the detergent to work on stains. Tide HE Turbo hydrates and reaches stains faster than a competitor. I never do quick cycles, so this was new for me. I used the newly designed Tide HE Turbo cap to properly dose my medium load and got it going! Believe it or not, a single cap of Tide HE Turbo in the quick wash cycle cleans just as well as 6 cups of competitor detergent in a normal wash cycle. I couldn’t get over the time and water saving just right there! Absolutely incredible!

Here were my immediate takeaways from my Test Drive:

–        Because of doing a quick wash cycle length was shorted, and the results were still great!

–        Water saved from not doing a large and longer-length load. This is important to me because we bought the HE washer to save energy/water.

–        The detergent dose was just right. I was instructed easily as to how much detergent to use. I didn’t have to worry about not using the proper dose.

–        I got a true superior clean, which is all I want from my washer and detergent.

–        Most important, my laundry routine was more efficient and effective. As a mom of 5, any way I can save time, energy and money – it’s what I want.

Can’t beat that for your HE laundry needs. Based on the results of my quick cycle test, I’m eager to see these great results in all of my loads! And remember, you can expect to see great results in loads of all sizes and lengths. The quick cycle is the ultimate torture test of getting a great clean with an HE machine!

I’m excited to share with you that I’m going to be helping kick-off this evening’s Turbo Time GIVEAWAY on Twitter on from 7-8PM (EST)! You DON’T WANT TO MISS THIS!! Make sure you’re following me @AudreyMcClellan and @Tide and the hashtag #TurboTime! You can learn more about the official rules and how to participate here: bitly.com/1JLSzpF.


Disclosure: This is a sponsored posting, all opinions are 100% my own.




Test Driving the Tide HE Turbo #TurboTime was last modified: July 7th, 2017 by Audrey McClelland
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Test Driving the Tide HE Turbo #TurboTime was last modified: July 7th, 2017 by Audrey McClelland