Save your Heels with Foot Petals

**Review by NYC Editor Valerie Vazquez

It’s not a big secret… I love a pair of killer heels but the truth is they usually KILL me. I work in downtown Manhattan and have to navigate cobblestone streets in Louboutins are never an easy task. I usually arrive to work with the ball of my feet throbbing in pain.

On the weekends, I have my 6 month on my hip all day as we go from dance to swim and then piano. Although I’m not in heels generally the added weight of my 22 lb son takes a toll on my body especially my feet.

This is where the Foot Petals is my saving grace (insert angels singing)!! I couldn’t survive the day without the Killer Kushionz, the three-quarter shoe insoles that offer support from the ball of the foot to the bottom of the heel.

The tip toes are also my go to for my highest stilettos they keep my feet from sliding forward with these ball of foot cushions.

Foot Petals for Spring

There entire foot petal line is absolutely amazing, from the Heavenly Heelz for shoes that are too big to the Strappy Strips that eliminate the pain from the strappy sandals.

The fantastic folks over at Foot Petals have some items perfect for summer “coming soon” to a store near you!

Available end April/early May the classic tip toe ball of foot cushion has been redesigned for flip flops. The built-in relaxation ridges to relive roe pressure and provide all day comfort.

The sock free saviors with odor control are the perfect insole for sneakers, flats or any closed toe shoe. They provide long last microbial protection that won’t wash away and the odor fighting properties keep you shoe smelling fresh.

Follow our friends at Foot Petals to stay up to date on new product releases and promotions.

Save your Heels with Foot Petals was last modified: July 7th, 2017 by Audrey McClelland
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Save your Heels with Foot Petals was last modified: July 7th, 2017 by Audrey McClelland