Mother’s Day Makeover Opportunity!!

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I’ve always loved fashion. I started doing “makeovers” when I was a child, maybe around 10 years old or so. I would create different styles and looks for my younger sister. As I got to be in my teens, I would create styles and looks for my mom. In college, it was all about creating fun and creative looks for my suite-mates and friends. After college, it was all about my 20-something girlfriends. Fashion was what I loved and really where I wanted to focus my career direction.

My 1st job fresh out of college was working in NYC for the fashion designer Donna Karan. I was hired as one of her personal assistant’s and for me it was a fashion-dream-come true. I had the unique and amazing opportunity to see a fashion genius work every single day. She was a true fashion force and someone who I looked to for fashion advice and tips. She knew everything about how to dress a woman… how to make her feel beautiful and how to make her feel confident. One important take-away I took from that 1st fashion job was that a dress was so much more than just a dress on a rack… it had the ability to transform a woman. The clothing became personal and emotional, not just physical… and that fashion-philosophy truly changed how I saw fashion from that point on.

In 2006, we moved our family from NYC to Rhode Island. Fashion was still my main focus, so I brainstormed many different ideas as to what I could do back in “Little Rhody” (where I grew up). As soon as I moved back, I had friends and family members ask me to help “style” them or (and I quote) make them over. It was so much fun for me because I loved seeing someone come alive and feel beautiful with a new brand look. It captured my fashion spirit and really became something I loved, loved, loved to do! I started my blog right around that time and really amped up the fashion-focus for myself because there weren’t many blogs out there at that time giving fashion/style/trend advice and tips to mothers. My fashion blogs became my most popular and I thoroughly loved dishing and sharing and giving out fashion advice every single day… and I’ve been doing that now for over 8 years on my blog!

And so… here I am, present day, still fashion-obsessed and still having a blast helping to create looks and style for moms everywhere. It’s my passion. It’s in my DNA. And now I have my own little fashionista (after 4 sons!) to dress and style every single day, too!

Which brings me to my MOST EXCITING NEWS!!!!!!

Mother's Day Makeover

I am reaching out to women in the California’s Bay Area!!!!!

Do you (or does someone you know) deserve a head-to-toe style makeover for Mother’s Day?

I’m beyond THRILLED to be partnering with a leading retailer to provide a spring makeover to some deserving moms.

I’m telling you… this is a dream come true to me to be able to style some amazing women out there who are truly deserving of this!!!

So how you can enter yourself or someone you know?

Super easy!!

Please send an email to [email protected] with the following info about yourself (or the person being nominated):
• What it means to be a mom (if you’re nominating some, how do you feel she exemplifies being a mom?)
• Why they need / deserve a style makeover
• Work outside the home or Stay at home mom?
• General info about family – Marital Status? Kids? Pets?
• Contact information (phone and email)
• Photo

If you’re selected, I’ll help make you over with some great looks for spring and a fun day to make you feel like the great and deserving mom that you are!

• Must be in the Bay Area and available for a few hours on April 14

Send the submissions in now through April 2nd, 2015!!

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  1. Hi,
    My name is Judy Boshela 48 y.o. currently living here in Daly City a mother to a 11 Yard old daughter and a wife. I’m working at UCSF Medical Center in Mission Bay as a Hospital Unit Coordinator. I have a friend that I’d like to nominate her name is Mercy Sotelo happily married as well with 3 daughter a stay at home mom most of time. She sometimes work as a caregiver as on- call on different nursing home facility. I think my friend Mercy deserved your make-over as a way to make her feeling special. We rarely see each other as due to our both schedule. But when we get a chance we Always have a blast and just talk anything and we laugh a Lot just being happy together as a friend… Our friendship doesn’t need to be costly , just being able to talk about life and our Dreams for our family is enough…it we are given The chance to be Pick ,,, this Will be a great memories for both of us… Again, appreciate your great projects for all The mom in the Bay Area.

    Thank you and hoping to hear from you 🙂

    Judy Boshela

  2. It’s very hard for me to find anything to wear because I’m short ,finding shoes is the worse I have very small feet. I work with kids with special needs(autism) so my clothes consist of jeans ,yoga pants and conformable walking shoes. My priority is my daughter because we both have being thru a lot ,I’m currently in a relationship and I very happy. My harsh past has made me stronger.

  3. I am writing on behalf of my Mother. My Father and her worked very hard so that we could to school and get a degree.
    She has been very sick since 1980 when she lost a baby be caused she
    Had a tumor. 2 yrs later she has my brother. When he was Borneo the Dr., advised she couldn’t have any more babies because she kept on the tumors. Several years she a Herniated disk, and had several surgeries and tumors. She still kept on working. Later own she got ill with Bronqiactesis, that was like having the flu all the time. She found out there that she had a murmur in her heart and also Lupus and continue been sick all the time. Her dream has to buy her on house which he has not been able to complete. 2 yrs ago she complained about intestinal pain. We went to the Emergency and had surgeries, she had several stones, her glad bladder has also removed but they saw one more stone Thad at the of her Pancreas and had to be transferred to another hospital where they confirmed that it was Pancreatic cancer, several dr’s got together and decided not to removed. She is 66 yrs old, she lives with pain. Before all of this happened she worked at Fireman’s Fund Ins Co, ( 9 yrs)Bechtel Corp. (5yrs). Wells Fargo, Crocker Bank, AT&T and finally United Way. My mother is a elegant, Attractve, Beautiful woman, always very well dressed and on top she took care of us. She is 66 years old now, sometimes she gets depressed, sad and because of her pains doesn’t go to almost any where, no social activities. The person that has been her rock is my father, but he has diabetis and is trying to get a transplant that has made her more stressful. I saw your msg and say that would be great for Mother. Write now she is trying to get a Low Income House, because they can not afford the house that they have been leaving for more than 20 yrs.
    I hope that you have the heart to the Best Mother of the, please help her look great like she was before. I am also going to channel 7 and with Mayor Lee to see, if he can help us to complete one of her dreams with a low income Houses. I will appreciate any thing you can do for my Mother. Thank you

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