Annie Movie Digital HD Release TODAY (3/10) and Blu-Ray Combo Pack Release 3/17

When I was a little girl, one of my most favorite movies in the world was Annie.  I loved the songs, the dancing and the story. I’m not kidding when I say this, but I probably watched the movie Annie about 500 times in the course of my life! My sister and I would recreate some of the songs and dancing in our own living room, too. It just truly was the kind of movie that left me happy from head-to-toe. I always loved that about it, even as a young girl.

Fast forward to present day… here I am, a 36 year-old mom of 5 kids. Believe it or not, my sons had never seen the older version Annie with me. As soon as I saw that Annie was being released in 2014, I instantly was brought back to my childhood.  This film is a modern day retelling of “Annie” with the same loveable characters and themes surrounded by a fresh current story, which makes it wonderful for a new audience to see and to love. I am a huge fan of Jamie Foxx, so I was thrilled to see that he was starring in the Annie film! It was important for me to watch the movie with my family because the message of Annie is so beautiful and so powerful for kids… it’s about facing incredible odds with a smile, to never let life or circumstances get you down because there’s “always tomorrow!”

My sons and daughter were captured with Annie from the very beginning.  It was funny because they didn’t know what to expect from the film, I didn’t let them know about the movie or what happens in it… I wanted them to experience the magic of Annie on their own.  From the very first song, they were wide-eyed.  They were routing for Annie. They wanted good for her. They loved her spirit and her never-give-up attitude of life. When she laughed, they did. When she cried, they did. When she finally got the life she dreamt of, they were all smiles.  They couldn’t get over Annie’s determination and positive spirit. She never let anything get her down and it’s a wonderful thing for children to see.  I loved watching my children fall in love with Annie because it’s such a feel good movie, it’s the kind of film you watch over and over and over again with your family. I love that you literally just fall in love with the characters and genuinely want good for them. It’s also the perfect kind of film you dance to and sing along with from beginning to end.

Annie. It’s no wonder this movie has been loved by generations. Regardless of the lapse of time, the storyline is still the core and the same for everyone… smile and remember that there’s always a tomorrow! Keep going! Never give up hope!

Annie Movie 2014
I’m thrilled to share with you that you can soon enjoy the love of Annie at home! You can purchase the Blu-ray Combo Pack, which will be released on 3/17. Also, there will be a Digital HD release on 3/10! Make sure you bring the magic of Annie into your home for a fun and beautiful family event!

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