Why Your Kids Need to See You Dance

Just Dance

My kids know me as Mom… as they should, but really that’s about it.

They see me do “Mom” things like… laundry, make lunches and dinner, clean toilets and kitchen floors, drive them to swim team, meet them at the bus stop, bake brownies, organize toys, correct homework, kiss cuts and bruises, make them hot cocoa, kiss them goodnight and many more “Mom” things.

They don’t know me as the little girl who was head-over-heels for Kirk Cameron.
They don’t know me as the tie-dye, glitter-lip gloss wearing tween.
They don’t know me as the Michael Jackson dancing queen around my bedroom.
They don’t know me as the teenager with bangs as high as they would go with hairspray.
They don’t know me as the girl with New Kids on the Block, Michael J. Fox and Tom Cruise (from his Top Gun days) posters around my bedroom.
They don’t know me as the Dirty Dancing-wanna-be girl who would wear Keds sneakers just because “Baby” did.
They don’t know me as the Clueless-movie-watching-fashion-fanatic who would shop at Contempo Casual and spend ALL of my money in a heartbeat.
They don’t know me as the lip-syncing 16-year-old girl who would blast Madonna/Paula Abdul and Debbie Gibson and pretend I was a back-up singer.

They just don’t know me like that because to them, I’m Mom.

As the boys have gotten older, I’ve begun to see the changes. So far, they’re subtle. When I turn my music up while I’m making dinner, they’ll put headphones on and go into the living room to play a video game. If I’m watching a movie or TV, they’ll go upstairs and just sort of find something to do. I’m beginning to notice that there’s more of an effort in dressing for school and in doing their daily hair. I’ve begun to see the importance (for them) in friends and their opinions. I’ve begun to see them liking certain brands and styles.

They’re turning into little men and what can I say – I knew this was going to happen. They can’t stay little forever, it’s just a natural way of life. The steps are in motion… they’re getting older and there’s really nothing I can do to slow down the process. Gone are the days of the little toddlers who would laugh and want me to hold them (I couldn’t hold any of them now, OK… maybe Henry!). Gone are the days of playing Disney songs and watching them spin and dance around my kitchen. Gone are the days of sippy cups for them and strollers, which always kept them super close and safe.

Believe me, I still have things to hold onto… nobody’s too cool for hand-holding, kisses at the bus stop, hugs on the pool deck or blowing kisses. Thank goodness.

But last night, as I was cleaning up the dishes after dinner, something happened. Victoria wanted music on and she wanted to dance. It made me smile because I remember the boys being around her age and them loving to dance for me and Matt, too. They would actually put on dance concerts for Matt and me … too cute for words. It was in that moment last night where I thought, truly… time goes by too fast. Way too fast. These boys, this girl… I always want them to see me as more than just the Mom who does the dishes and the backpacks and the lunches. I want them to see me as ME. As who I am. The woman Matt fell in love with. The woman who has a great time out with family and girlfriends. The “girl” who loved to dance for her parents too, and run and race and do fun things (yes, ALEX… like sled standing up, too!).

So I did JUST THAT! I popped on some music and DANCED with the boys and Victoria.

Dancing Mom


The were belly-laughing.

It’s not that I haven’t danced with them before, but with life… you know how it is. It’s dancing and then quickly on to the next thing. It’s important to just let moments happen and embrace them and seize them.

Hold them close and know that it’s a fun moment, a moment to remember.

A happily-ever-after type moment is what I like to call them.

I titled this post, “Why Your Kids Need to See You Dance”… but it’s more than that.  It’s being there with your kids. It’s getting down and dirty. It’s enjoying the moments. It’s doing things with them that will bring them happiness and make them laugh.

It’s letting them see you in a different and fun light.

So turn up that music and DANCE!


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  1. Love this! I have to always remind myself to have FUN with my kids – Dad is the goofy, silly and FUN one most of the time – but when I get goofy and silly my kids they love it because it’s unexpected. Life’s too short to be so serious.

  2. We have dance parties in the Kitchen on most Saturday nights! My 6 y/o loves and and most of the time my 10 y/o is still right there with us!

  3. I love this so much! My husband is the crazy goofy one around here but it’s so funny to see the kids faces and see how they get into it when I start doing something out of the ordinary like dancing. Such great memories.

  4. I so totally agree with this post! My kids are at the age where they get embarrassed when I act silly, but I do it anyway. I want them to remember me as a fun mom! 🙂

Why Your Kids Need to See You Dance was last modified: July 8th, 2015 by Audrey McClelland