Trying to conceive? Try Clearblue Fertility Monitor and Babycenter Babymoon Sweeps!

When you have 5 kids, you become a magnet for people asking you questions on “how to conceive” easily. It’s actually a question that I don’t mind getting because it’s something that’s very important and special for people. When I was planning on getting pregnant with my William, all I could think about was hoping and praying that I would get pregnant easily. I actually wrote a book with my mother in 2004 called “Preconception Plain & Simple” about how preparing your body for pregnancy is important and that this time in your life should be fun!

Back in 2004 there weren’t really any easy items or products that helped you pinpoint your most fertile days. I remember taking my temperature to see if that would help me pinpoint my most fertile days. I just didn’t want to get too nervous or too obsessed with everything, I wanted it all to remain fun… but when you want to get pregnant, let’s face it – it’s ALL you think about.

For all of you ladies trying to conceive at the present time… you’re lucky. Very lucky.

Clearblue has an amazing product called the Clearblue Fertility Monitor that will just become your new best friend. This monitor is the most advanced home method to maximize chances of conception, allowing women to better understand their bodies in order to help them get pregnant sooner than not using any method. The Clearblue Fertility Monitor now includes an intuitive touch screen to make tracking ovulation easier than ever before and all from the palm of your hand. The Clearblue Fertility Monitor is unique as it tracks 2 hormones to typically identify up to 6 fertile days – it not only shows you your 2 Peak Fertility days, it can also inform most women of an extra 1-5 days of High Fertility prior to their Peak Fertility.

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I love being able to share this because it’s such a wonderful tool to have when you’re trying to get pregnant. I wish I had had this throughout my conceiving “wanting” times!


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