Roma Boots: For You, For All

As you know, I love fashion. I’ve always loved how fashion has the ability to change a person… make them feel more confident, make them feel more beautiful and make them feel happy.

But you know what I love more?

I love when fashion is doing good. A true social impact of good.

Roma Boots is doing just that with their boots and it’s absolutely incredible. Roma Boots wants to give poverty the boot, together. For every pair of Roma Boots sold, a brand new pair is donated to a child in need. Pretty incredible, right?

Roma Boots

Roma Boots founder – Samuel Bistrian – wanted to combine his love of fashion with philanthropy after a decade of working for Neiman Marcus. Samuel grew up in a small, poor village in communist Romania with 11 siblings. At 6 years old, he received his first pair of rain boots that changed his life. This is where his inspiration for Roma Boots came from to bring to the world. Samuel saw a problem and he wanted come up with a solution with Roma Boots.

An estimated 125 million children are living on the streets across the world. Most do not have proper footwear. While some of them have some type of footwear, they lack sanitary footwear to protect them from diseases. The majority of these children can’t read or write. Most of the developed world is either unaware or has not been presented with an avenue to help them.

Enter Roma Boots, they are made of natural rubber in a fair trade factory.

Roma Boots

Roma Boots provides a functional and fashionable way for consumers to get involved in ‘giving poverty the boot’ through essential aid and educational assistance. The more boots sold, the more children are given the chance to break out of their cycle of poverty and succeed in life. Roma Boots donates 10% of sales proceeds to provide
educational supplies in addition to rain boots.

Roma Boots

I absolutely love the passion that Samuel has in giving back to the world. It’s so incredible and so important for people like Samuel to step up and raise awareness. Over the last decade the world has seen a huge awakening in the world for conscious consumerism and it’s something that has truly helped change the world for the better. Amazingly, 85% of millenials (18-35 year olds) demand to buy products that give back. Now (ahem) … I don’t fall into that age bracket anymore, but I will say, I feel the SAME EXACT WAY. It’s important to me as a mom, to support and show my children that a purchase of something that we need for our family, has the ability to help someone else. It’s a pretty amazing thing to show a child.

My Roma Boots are my favorite rain boots! We’ve had a TON (I mean, TON) of rain and yucky slush on the ground here in Rhode Island lately. I love having a boot I can wear and stand in that I know will step up to the environment. Not to mention, they are fashionable and fabulous!

ROMA Boots

ROMA Boots

Roma Boots has the footwear you crave to warm both your feet and your heart. After all, Roma spelled backwards is amor, or love. The boots are supple and chic. Not only are they resilient to inclement weather, but are playful, colorful and wonderfully mod.

Roma Boots just released several new arrivals this week and are cornering the market with the new styles and hues. The boots are made from durable, all-natural rubber and their interiors feature quick-dry cotton lining, and super comfortable, multi-layered cushioned insoles. Roma is the same high quality of Hunter boots at 40% less cost.

ROMA Boots

Screen Shot 2015-02-04 at 8.07.14 AM

Kids’ short boots, $39; ladies’ tall boots, $77-$98

I’m in love.

Samuel, you’re doing such good and I’m so happy to support your beautiful ROMA Boots.

Disclosure: Sponsored posting with ROMA Boots.

Roma Boots: For You, For All was last modified: July 8th, 2015 by Audrey McClelland
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Roma Boots: For You, For All was last modified: July 8th, 2015 by Audrey McClelland