#RedLipstickLessons from a girl who never wore Red ~ LESSON #1: You Can’t Hide in Red Lipstick


Lesson #1 ~ You Can’t Hide in Red Lipstick

I decided on a whim, of sorts, to do something quite outside-the-box for me as a New Year 2015 ResolutionWear Red Lipstick every single day of 365 days – #365DaysofRedLipstick #FeelingFieryIn2015.

This would not come easy to me because I had never worn Red Lipstick. Never. Ever.

I feared Red Lipstick for some reason. Maybe I’m not glamorous enough. Maybe the idea that all that RED seemed so Fiery and very difficult to apply. Or maybe I felt so safe with my muted Cafes, Blushes & Shimmers.

Well, safe be damned. Cloak me in RED.

I accomplished this #RedLipstick Resolution each day of January 2015, attempting to use a different RED each day. (Well, that little attempt would not come to fruition because I don’t have a personal Lipstick account to justify 365 days x cost of lipstick = remortgaging my home.)


Anyway, I got in quite a few #ShadesOfRed and learned so much more than a mere Resolution.

I was onto a REVOLUTION – a personal Red Lipstick Revolution of LESSONS.

Lesson #1 ~You Can’t Hide in Red Lipstick

#RedLipstick is there. It’s out there. It precedes your body by 2 inches. At least. Maybe 3 or 5 or 10. It catches the attention of your mirror. It has the power of both STOP & GO — STOP to look because it’s so different, so THERE. And GO because with RED, you almost cannot STOP for too long.

GO. GET OUT THERE — Run in Red. Walk babies in Red. Shovel snow in Red. Run in the rain in Red. Do dates in Red. And games in Red. BE RED-dy for anything…








Get your granddaughters in on the power, the fun, the “out there” of RED!




Laugh. Giggle. Cheer in Red.

Wear Red Pants to match your Red Lipstick…


You can’t hide once you apply.


You simply can’t.


Because Red Becomes You.

Now I’m onto February.

And plenty more #RedLipstickLessons!

#365DaysOfRedLipstick AND #FeelingFieryIn2015








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  1. This is beautiful! I have been admiring your red lips all 2015, and red looks great on you 😉 I, too, have (somewhat of)a fear of red lipstick. For me, it makes me feel like my lips are entering the room….and I’m following quietly behind LOL My go-to color is a frosty pink…..subtle enough that it’s not screaming at all the onlookers, but shimmery enough so you can tell I made an effort to put it there. Keep your red-lipped smiles coming…maybe I’ll join you….maybe…

  2. Nancy… you MUST MUST MUST! It so reminds me of another era, our Moms and Grandmamas and days of glamour! I have always avoided RED because I didn’t think I could pull it off… but you and I both know what us older gals can pull off!! Right!? Love you, my friend! Go for it… especially during February, month of Heart Health AND LOVE!

  3. KIM… Oh, go from “maybe” to YES to RED! I, too, was a mauve, nude, pink-ish girl, too; rather fearful of that OUT THERE feeling of RED, but I feel exhilarated when wearing it. It makes me feel that I don’t have to wear any other make-up. It’s SO interesting. I hope you try a RED. One #RedLipstickLesson that I’m working on is A RED IS NOT A RED IS NOT A RED – because there are SO many #ShadesOfRed. Thanks for visiting!

#RedLipstickLessons from a girl who never wore Red ~ LESSON #1: You Can’t Hide in Red Lipstick was last modified: July 8th, 2015 by Sharon Couto