Daily Photo: Outtakes from a Fashion Photo Shoot #WorkingMom

Daily Photo:

In my world, my husband is my photographer/videographer/lighting-guy/sound-check guy.

My sons are usually my background audience.

And my daughter is my muse.

It’s not always easy being a work-at-home mom. You need to get things done when you have time and (many times) when you can get everyone together to help you.

Last Friday night, we needed to do a Fashion Shoot for my blog. I had 5 posts that needed fashion photos done and I knew I was traveling all this week and we had a swim meet last weekend, so (literally) Friday night was our only opportunity to get it down.

Since my house with 5 kids is always in motion and never dull, it was hilarious having them all stand around and watch the photo shoot come to life.

And then I saw the photos my husband shot and found some true gems.

Fashion Shoot OuttakesAnd possibly my fave photo:

Fashion Photo Shoot

(Yes, that’s a inflatable hammer.)

I was trying to get the kids to stay put and not make any noise, but truly – it wasn’t real. I just told my husband to keep rolling and shooting.

Real life?


Yes. (Please.)

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