5 Things To Do in Your Kitchen Before Bed

I’m so sick and tired of the chaotic craziness that sometimes consumes my life.

Dishes on the counter.

Food boxes not put away.

Lunch packs not hung and organized.

Backpacks thrown on the kitchen floor.

Mail and papers spread on the kitchen table.

Sometimes, it’s just ALL too much and I’ve hit that point at this moment in my life.

(I have 5 kids, I know my house will never be 100% clean and organized, but I need simple steps… simple solutions NOW.)

When I lived in NYC years ago, one of my girlfriend’s was a professional organizer. She used to go into the homes of people and literally help them organize their lives… room by room. She made it very clear that your life feels chaotic when your home is chaotic. I’ve always remembered that statement from her. I emailed her last Monday and asked her, “What’s ONE easy thing I could do every single day that would start to make this house feel less chaotic and more organized?

Her response back to me: Before you go to bed at night, make sure you have a clean and organized kitchen.

Easy, right?

I broke it down to make it even a little easier for me and my family.

Things to Do in your Kitchen

5 Things To Do in your Kitchen Before Bedtime:

1. Make sure the kitchen sink is empty – no dishes, no sponges, etc.

2. Counters clean, organized and wiped down.

3. Coffee Machine prepped for morning. Cleaned out and refilled with water.

4. Prep all the lunch packs for the next morning for the boys, everything laid out and ready for the next day.

5. Fridge and oven clean – wiped.

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