APC Ultimate WiFi Survival Guide #NoWiFi

Disclosure: MomGenerations partnered with APC by Schneider Electric to feature its Back-UPS Connect and produce The Ultimate Wifi Survival Guide. All opinions are 100% our own.

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It’s coming. And it’s coming fast.

Snow storm

As of 8AM this morning, it’s already begun to snow.

In Rhode Island they are predicting 22-30 inches of snow between Monday and Wednesday morning. We are going to get hit and hit BIG. To be honest with you, I’m excited for my sons. They love the snow and I know that this storm will be one they remember for years and years and years to come. They can’t wait to make a sledding track, build a snowman, create snow igloos and have snowball fights with each other. Seeing their excitement is very cute, I remember being their ages and being so in love with a huge snow storm. There’s something so cool about it.

But for me?

I’m not as excited as they are because I have lists of “things to do” running through my mind right now.

I’m not thinking about sledding, igloos, snowmen or snowball fights. I’m thinking about – food, drinks, stocking up on essentials, getting gas for the cars and – of course – the possibility of losing power. I’m in prep mode, not fun mode… and as a parent, it’s the mode I need to be in right now.

Believe it or not, I’m ready for the possibility of losing power and I’m OK with it thanks to APC by Schneider Electric Back-UPS Connect. You may have remembered me gushing about my Back-UPS Connect back in November. The APC Back-­UPS Connect helps you stay connected to the Internet during power outages by backing up networking equipment and charging mobile devices with the Back-UPS Connect. The incredible ultra efficient design maximizes run-time for low-power devices, even outperforming larger UPSes on equivalent low-power loads. You will get up to 3-5 hours of backup power which will help maintain your network connection during power outages and emergencies. It gives a fast recharge of the internal battery that will ensure you’re ready for the next outage.

So, I’m ready for a Blackout… which it looks like there’s a VERY GOOD CHANCE there will be one.

I’m really happy to be able to share with you today the ULTIMATE APC WiFi Survival Guide!! I felt it was extremely appropriate to post today due to the storm coming!!

Such great advice from some wonderful women and I felt honored to be included with my mother.

So for everyone today that will be experiencing this mega storm, most important – please stay safe.

And once the snow has fallen… enjoy the beauty and the wonder of it all!

APC Ultimate WiFi Survival Guide #NoWiFi was last modified: July 7th, 2017 by Audrey McClelland
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APC Ultimate WiFi Survival Guide #NoWiFi was last modified: July 7th, 2017 by Audrey McClelland