What would your wish be for others? Share with me to win $100! #WishForOthers #CaptialOne

What would you wish be for others?

If you could wish for anything?

For me, if I could wish for others…

I would wish for a new kitchen for my husband.
I would wish for a trip to Portugal for my parents.
I would wish for season tickets to the Steelers for my son Alex.
I would wish for my oldest son William to have his own bedroom.
I would wish for a cotton candy machine for my son Ben.
I would wish for a Disney World trip for my Henry and Victoria.

I would wish for wishes that people in my family would absolutely be speechless over.

If you had one wish to make – whether it’s bringing happiness to a loved one, giving back to a stranger, or making a difference in your community – what would it be? During the holidays, we’re often asked what we wish for ourselves.

This holiday season Capital One is instead asking people to share their wish for others  – a family member, a friend, a neighbor, or a community – with #WishForOthers on Twitter, Instagram, or the Capital One Facebook page, through Dec. 23 for a chance to make it come true.

To see what people are wishing and for more details, visit www.wishforothers.com.

Share with me what you would wish for in the comments below to win $100!

I will randomly choose a winner on December 23rd at 5PM!

I’m excited to see what you choose… and for whom!

What would your wish be for others? Share with me to win $100! #WishForOthers #CaptialOne was last modified: July 8th, 2017 by Audrey McClelland
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  1. My wish for my son is to have a scholarship for a college program this summer, My wish for my 2 younger girls is to take them on a Disney cruise

  2. id wish for Life to be a bit easier for my daughter and her husband,,they have 2 boys ages 7 and 9 and got custody of a family members two toddlers a year ago ages one and three,,they are now 2 and 4,the boy is the oldest and has a form of autisum,,and the girl is such a little cutie,they finally have their girl,,but they get no help from the state because they aren’t foster parents,they have to pay a baby sitter now,,and are having a hard time finically and the stress is so high due to the boys illness,,im going there after Christmas to help and give them a break,but id love for them just to be able to go out for a nice dinner and not worry about anything for just afew hours ,I wish I could do more but they live 1200 miles away

  3. I wish for everyone to have a wonderful time with family this holiday season and all the best for a great start for 2015- I wish everyone can see the brighter side of things and help each other out. – Happy Holidays

  4. I wish that my friend’s husband who just lost his job will quickly find a new one and that we will all have a happy and healthy new year.

  5. I’m wishing for my sister to have a spa day! She isn’t able to come home for the holidays and I know she is lonely in DC. She’s getting divorced and has a 7 year old that I’m missing! I would love to send her off for a day to relax or somewhere fun to take my nephew!

  6. My #wishforothers is for the extra funds for my son to get braces. My 10 year old son needs to get braces next year, but it’s so expensive. I would wish for the funds to help with that cost.

  7. My #wishforothers would be for some wireless beats headphones for my husband. He has wanted them for so long!

  8. @weezy-I’m wishing for some gift cards to get shelter dogs some treats, toys and new beds! I have been using coupons to help make my money go further but it would be amazing to have a big haul to bring them! Our family doesn’t need much for Xmas! Just a britax clicktight car seat for my son. Fingers crossed!

  9. I wish for my youngest son to continue achieving his goals in school and that his hard work continues to pay off!

  10. Both my kids will graduate in May from college (luckily graduation is a week a part?). My wish would be for them both to find great jobs to begin their careers and for them to find success with their endeavors!

  11. My #WishForOthers would go to my fellow Jazzercise instructor friend in Maryland. She has been in the hospital for 2 weeks after being in pain for the last 3 weeks. She has 6 kiddos & a hubby at home doing their best to keep things going. Through it all, she just keeps smiling.

  12. My #wishforothers this season is that we all put down our electronics and take some time to live in the moment whether it be a cup of coffee and talking to your best friend or reading a story, from an actual book, to your children or turning off the tv and playing cards with thw family. May it make a lasting memory and
    slow down time if only for a moment.

  13. My wish would be some happiness for me and my husband who have been thru a lot of losses in our lives. Both lost our moms due to catastrophic illness. We have had a lot of sad times. Please forfill our wish for some happier times in the year to come. God Bless You.

  14. My wish for others would be for nephews and niece to get a Christmas this year. Hard times for my sister right now.

  15. I would wish for my husband to get tickets to see his favorite boxer fight. He works 80 hours a week, and takes no time for himself. He is an amazing man who deserves some time for him.

  16. I wish for my neighbor to see that his life is valuable, that even though he’s been through a rough year, it will get better.
    I wish for my sister and my husband to be brave and forge new friendships, after the loss of both of their best friends to suicide.
    I wish that no person, ever, would feel as if their life isn’t worth living, and that everyone would have someone to lean on.

  17. My wish is that my Little niece won’t need to go to Children’s Hospital Boston at ALL in 2015. No more surgeries, no more of she and my sister having to sleep in hospital beds/chairs, and that they don’t have to be away from my other two nieces for weeks at a time. 🙂

  18. I would wish for a surface pro 3 for my mother. She has been wanting one for so long and we just can’t afford it. My siblings and I would love to gift her with one.

  19. I wish my parents could finally have some money to take an anniversary vacation together! They deserve it- but it always get pushed to the back burner because they selflessly makes sure our whole family is provided for first!

  20. I would wish for my mom to have a new carpet in her living room. She lives in a 100yr old house, and the floors are real bad in places. New carpet would keep her warmer.

  21. I would wish for my husband’s back to heal. He has such problems with it from working hard his whole life. However, that isn’t really something that could come true… so I will say a new truck for him!

  22. I’d wish for my Grandparents to have less pain in their body and for my Grandpa steady feet so he wouldn’t fall so much.

What would your wish be for others? Share with me to win $100! #WishForOthers #CaptialOne was last modified: July 8th, 2017 by Audrey McClelland