What Do You Want for Christmas? [VIDEO]

What do you want for Christmas

This is probably the last year that all 5 kids will truly believe in Santa Claus.

Believe me, I will never “admit” the truth of Santa. You know, that a jolly old man comes to our house and leaves everyone gifts. But I can tell my son William is having lots of doubts and questions about the true existence of him coming into our house while we’re sleeping. I actually thought I’d get more questions this year about it all, so I’m thinking that either he’s been told and doesn’t want to ruin it for me – or – he truly just isn’t sure yet.

Regardless, we’ve started the “What do you want for Christmas?” conversation.

I thought it would be fun to get it on video for them to see someday.

Their answers surprised me quite a bit.

So this is the list so far:

William – Not sure what he wants
Alex – Steelers season tickets
Ben – Laptop
Henry – Ninja Turtle fort

I think I can definitely fulfill one of those. 🙂

Lucky Henry.

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