Springfree Trampoline Playdate

My sons have a routine when they get home from school.

They bring their backpacks in the house.
They empty them out.
They put their homework out on the counter.
They grab a snack.

And then they run outside to play on their Springfree Trampoline.

It’s an every single day thing.

I mean, every single day. My neighbors behind me can attest to this because it’s all they see and it’s all they hear. We have become “that” family in the neighborhood where everyone that comes to our house ask if they can try the trampoline.

They’ve been begging me to have their friends over to play on it for the longest time, so we finally set-up a fun Springfree Trampoline playdate. We had tried 3x to do this and the weather never cooperated, but we finally got a gorgeous fall afternoon last week after school!

THANK GOODNESS!!! The trampoline is NOT fun in the rain.

My sons each invited over a friend and they all played on the Springfree Trampoline for over an hour and a half! My rules were simple:

– They had to jump one at a time
– There couldn’t be any fighting
– They just had to HAVE FUN

Not bad, right?

Well, the boys LOVED it. LOVED IT.

I wasn’t worried about their safety because the Springfree Trampoline has no springs, no hard edges and the frame beneath the jumping surface has a safety net that prevents falls.

But that’s not all.

A new study from Journal of Pediatric Orthopaedics shows that from 2002 to 2011, trampoline accidents accounted for more than 1 million ER visits. This equates to 100,000 ER visits a year in the US alone
The total expense for all trampoline injuries over this 10-year period was $1.002 billion. It’s mind-boggling to read these stats.

This research proves further efforts for trampoline injury prevention are needed.

This is why I love my Springfree Trampoline for the boys.

Springfree eliminates 90 percent of product-related injuries associated with traditional trampolines. Springfree is the only trampoline on the market that offers a safe jumping environment by removing the impact areas that can cause injury including risks from the springs, the frame at the jumping surface, falls to the ground and collision with rigid enclosure poles. Springfree Trampoline wants everyone to enjoy safe jumping in their backyards.

Here they are with their buddies, having a BLAST!

Check out these guys!!

Springfree Playdate

Screen Shot 2014-11-06 at 1.43.49 PM

Springfree Trampoline
(I received permission from the parents to post these images.)

I love that my sons can be free and themselves and just have a total blast.

I love that I can watch from the house and just smile.

I love that I know they’re safe.

If you have kids, you NEED one of these! I can’t fully express just how much fun and enjoyment we’ve gotten out of the Springfree Trampoline.

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Disclosure: Sponsored content. Springfree Trampoline supplied us with the trampoline.

Springfree Trampoline Playdate was last modified: July 8th, 2017 by Audrey McClelland
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Springfree Trampoline Playdate was last modified: July 8th, 2017 by Audrey McClelland