Baby Brian Is 8 Months Old!


Dear Baby Brian,

Time continues to fly by, and amazingly you are 8 months (and 3 days) old. You continue to light up our world with your smile, your laugh, and your delightful personality. The two bottom teeth that had just poked through last month are still your only teeth so far. They are sharp, though! You love to bite my chin, and you find it very funny when I say, “ow!” You also love to pull hair, take off people’s glasses, squeeze people’s noses, and steal things out of people’s hands at any chance you get. You are too funny!

You do a lot of babbling and your favorite sound is “mamamamama.” You know your name and you will turn your head when you hear someone say, “Brian!” You have been getting up on your hands and knees for a few weeks now, but you finally had your first forward movement on the very day you turned 8 months old. You have also started to pull yourself up from a seated position, and you can stand up while holding on to something. Way to go, Baby B!

You love pureed sweet potatoes, carrots and various other vegetables, but you don’t seem to be a huge fan of fruits yet. You just make a very cute and funny face when you try them. I think most fruits are just too tart for you right now. We’ll try again later down the road.

We went on our second air travel vacation with you this month, to Key West! We had an amazing time on our family vacation, and you were absolutely perfect on every flight. In Key West you loved splashing in the hotel pool, swimming at the beach and strolling with me and Daddy around town. You are such a great little traveler!

Daddy and I are so excited to experience your first holiday season with you in the coming months. Everything is fun and exciting with you, and we continue to be amazed by you every single day. You are our special little boy!

Love always,









Baby Brian Is 8 Months Old! was last modified: October 17th, 2014 by Jane Couto Govednik
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Baby Brian Is 8 Months Old! was last modified: October 17th, 2014 by Jane Couto Govednik