5 Tips For Dealing With A Teething Baby

5 Tips For Dealing With A Teething Baby

5 Tips For Dealing With A Teething Baby


Ah, teething. I truly didn’t realize just how miserable it would be for little Brian until we arrived at this stage. At almost 8 months old he only has two teeth, but he must be getting more because lately he has been a drooling, gnawing-on-anything-and-everything machine. And along with that, of course, is crankiness. It’s not really fun for anyone, but I know it’s mostly tough on Brian, so I try to do everything I can to make teething more tolerable for him. Here are a few tips I’ve come up with to offer a teething baby (and his or her parents!) some relief:

1) Buy Some Balm. I picked up some BALM! Baby teething drops on the recommendation of the ever-so-knowledgeable Kelly at Bellani Maternity, and let me tell you – this stuff works! I drop some on Brian’s gums when he’s on a chewing and fussing tear and within minutes he is happier. And best of all, this tincture is organic, natural, vegan and cruelty-free, so it’s completely safe for babies.


2) Let Baby Chew On You. Or more specifically, your beads. Brian loves to grab any jewelry I’m wearing and put it in his mouth, so I try to wear things that I don’t mind him chewing on. Highest on my list are Chewbeads, which were designed precisely to be chewed by babies. They are stylish, soft and 100% silicone, with no BPA, phthalates, lead, cadmium or metal. And they’re dishwasher safe!

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3) Go For The Cold. I like to keep a few washcloths in the freezer at all times so I can quickly grab one when Brian’s tender gums need soothing. I’ll hold it at first and then let him take it once it thaws a bit so it’s not too cold on his little hands. And since he’s a binky/pacifier lover, sometimes I’ll pop a binky in the freezer for him to suck on, which he seems to like.

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4) Give Baby A Bath. Brian loves, loves, loves the bath. After I wash him from head to toe, he’ll just sit and play with his toys and splash in the water. So if he’s particularly fussy, I’ll just run a bath and let him stay in there for as long as he wants. It seems to keep his mind off of the teething discomfort, and as a bonus, he gets clean!


5) Layer Up. Teething equals drool, drool and more drool. I hate the thought of Brian going through the day with a wet onesie against his chest, so I put a plain white undershirt onesie under his main onesie as an extra layer. Then I make sure I have a bib on him at all times. And if I’m out and about I always have plenty of extra bibs in my diaper bag so he never has a soggy bib. It seems to keep him happy!


What are some things that have worked for your teething baby?

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  1. Bathing in the laundry basket. That is a great idea. When my son was teething we got him an amber necklace. It worked pretty well and he looked like a little surfer dude.

5 Tips For Dealing With A Teething Baby was last modified: April 23rd, 2018 by Jane Couto Govednik