Sunday Swoon: Pucci Pups for Girls

I had my first dose of being a girl mommy yesterday at William and Alexander’s baseball game. Victoria would not leave this little girl alone who was toting around a cute little handbag with 2 puppy stuffed animals in it. She kept walking over and saying “Puppies! Puppies!” It was very cute.

Finally… I asked the little girl where she got the cute little bag and the little puppies. She smiled and said, “It’s Pucci Pups, it comes together.”

Pucci Pups

WHAT!? LOL… I couldn’t believe it. It was so cute! I immediately went to Target to find this Pucci Pups “thing!” There was ONE left on the shelf. ONE! I knew it was meant to be. I grabbed it and smiled on my way to the register because it was really the first girl thing I’ve ever bought for Victoria that I knew she “wanted”! 🙂

Find out more about Pucci Pups HERE.

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