On turning 10…

10 years

Dear William,

Happy 10th Birthday!

Can you believe you’re finally double digits?

10 years old. My goodness. 10 years old.

I want you to know something… 10 years ago today, my heart just fell in love with you. You were wanted so badly, so very, very badly. When I was trying to get pregnant with you, I went to church every night and prayed for you to come to me. We lived right around the corner from a beautiful church in NYC, and even on the nights when the church was locked… I would stand there on the steps with your father and just pray that you would come to us.

On January 17th, 2004… I found out I was pregnant with you. I think you could hear me screaming miles away! I was so excited! I was finally going to be a mother and I couldn’t wait to be one.

I want you to know how truly special you are to me.

I know that being the oldest child, you’ve had to be the trailblazer. You’ve had to be the one that starts everything off for the others. You – as much as you have known this or not – have always had to be the leader of the pack. You do it so effortlessly and I’m so proud of you for it.

I hope this next year brings to you all that you wish for… and dream about.

I love everything this is about you. Everything.

I love your curiosity about life. You ask questions about everything and I hope you always do this throughout your life. Sometimes an answer just isn’t a good enough answer for you, and it sparks another question. I love that it’s a total “William” thing. I love that you ask me questions about WWII and Russia and the Cold War. Questions that I – as you know – just don’t have the answers to! You just thoroughly want to know.

I love that you’re determined and dedicated to things that you’re passionate about… yes, already even at the age of 10 years old! I love that you love swimming and want to try to be the best swimmer that you can be. I love that even though you’re not always a fan of practice, you go with a smile and say (like you did yesterday), “It will make me better, right?”

I love that you love me so very much. I love that you give me a kiss and hug in front of your friends and right in front of the school bus… all without an ounce of a hesitation. I don’t know how long this will last, so I savor every single time it does right now. I love that you ask me about my day and ask me what you can do to help out. This has always been how you are, and I just so appreciate it and love it. It’s something that you just do… without being asked.

I love that you are so ridiculously funny, and that only those closest to you, truly know and see this. I love how you are amazing at creating silly voices and imitating people. I even love that you won’t do it on command because you’re just not ready to do it. I know this about you and I love this about you.

I love that you have a quiet confidence about yourself. You push yourself at school and in sports… but you do, you have a quiet confidence and I love that. You’re wise. You’re kind. You’re caring. You’re sweet. You have the best heart and you just open it up to people that our in your life.

I love that you love grilled cheese and eat around the crust.

I love that you drink a glass of milk without coming up for air once.

I love that you still will walk on your tippy toes sometimes, just like you did when you were a baby.

I love that you always like to be the last one to kiss me and dad goodnight before bed.

I love that you confide in me and tell me things.

I love that you will talk with the phone on speaker.

I love that you know Minecraft inside and out.

You’re a good boy William.

A good, good boy and I just love you to pieces.

Happy 10th year.

I love you mountains high and oceans deep.

You are… our very first baby. You’re leading off the pack William… and you do it beautifully.

I love you so much,


On turning 10… was last modified: September 25th, 2014 by Audrey McClelland
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On turning 10… was last modified: September 25th, 2014 by Audrey McClelland