Harry Potter Audiobooks #GIVEAWAY

As the back to school year kicks off, and families are spending more time in the evenings together, it’s a perfect time to listen to the Harry Potter audiobooks. We’re HUGE Harry Potter fans in our house and since 2 of my sons aren’t “big” readers yet, the audio version is perfect for them at night. The other great part is that the audio version of the classic Harry Potter series lets you listen wherever and whenever you want.

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The Harry Potter audiobooks encourage families to come together, listen to the amazing Harry Potter stories, and discuss among themselves what they love best, which character they relate to, what they would do if they were a wizard, and so forth. I love watching my guys all together listening and just relaxing to the sounds and the story. It’s a wonderful way to get everyone together and (truthfully) unplug them from computer games and TV shoes.


As part of the #HearHarryPotter campaign, one of my lucky readers will win a complimentary download of the first THREE Harry Potter audiobooks, to share with their family during the listening opportunities that present themselves: perhaps it’s nightly story time, or maybe you will be road-tripping to see friends and family. Each book is roughly 7-8 hours in duration, and you can download each one to eight different devices.

How to enter?

Leave me a comment telling me who the Harry Potter lover is in YOUR life!

The Harry Potter audiobooks are available only through JK Rowling’s the shops at Pottermore.com (http://shop.pottermore.com).

Tweet to #HearHarryPotter about your listening experience!

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  1. I would love to win, I am a fan but I actually have only read the first book. I know, I know! I am just very busy, audiobooks would be AWESOME!

  2. My girls are just old enough to start reading the Harry Potter books and they are very interested in them. I would love to win these downloads for them to experience the books in a whole different format. Thank you for the wonderful giveaway!

Harry Potter Audiobooks #GIVEAWAY was last modified: July 9th, 2017 by Audrey McClelland