Duracell PSA: Lithium Coin Battery Safety around the House

Now that we have a baby in the house again, there’s lots of things that I constantly need to make sure I’m doing.

I need to make sure we have safety locks on all the cabinets and doors.
I need to make sure gates are up and down on the stairs.
I need to make sure all small toys and items are kept out of reach.

As moms know, everything goes into the mouth when they’re babies. It freaks me out and it’s something that just worries me every single day.

The importance of keeping small items out of a child’s reach to avoid ingestion is so, so, so important.

Among these items are lithium coin batteries. Every year, thousands of cases of coin battery ingestions are reported, and swallowing batteries can lead to serious injury or death.

it’s so scary because things happen so fast, so it’s really important to be proactive by keeping things like batteries out of reach for small children.

Duracell has taken steps to prevent battery ingestions by updating the packaging and product to have more obvious warnings. But the root of the problem still remains… there is a lack of awareness around which devices in the home have coin batteries and what other safety measures can be taken to prevent ingestion.

Duracell has created this great to help increase awareness and illustrate safety measures for parents:


I absolutely love what Duracell is doing to help spread and word and keep the awareness active and live.

Please share this with your family and friends with small children!

Thank you!

Disclosure: Sponsored posting with Duracell.

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