CVS Gold Emblem Products

With back to school time in full force in the McClelland household, the mornings are a little different than they were all summer long. As soon as 7:30AM hits, we’re racing around finishing breakfast, making sure everyone is dressed/ready for school, backpacks packed and lunches finished up. Oh, yes… school is definitely back in session. Gone are the mornings of leisurely waking up and making sure the swim bags are packed for practice. Now it’s SCHOOL time and it’s time for mom hacks. I’m all about CVS Gold Emblem Products as my top mom hack right now!

CVS Gold Emblem Products

Since I’m always on the hunt for snacks that are healthy and delicious for the boys (and for me and my husband, too) I’m excited to be sharing about CVS/pharmacy’s new Gold Emblem line called abound.

CVS Gold Emblem Products

About CVS Gold Emblem Products abound

The CVS Gold Emblem Products – abound snack line is perfect for me and my family because it allows us to eat yummy snacks, but also feel good knowing that they are free of artificial preservatives and flavors. As I’ve gotten older, these kinds of snacks and foods are becoming more and more appealing to me, especially when I’m feeding my sons. CVS/pharmacy has taken a big step in enhancing their snacks with delicious and nutritious options with the abound line. It’s actually not always that easy finding snacks have a balance of health and taste… and are thumbs-up approved by everyone in the house! 🙂

Here’s the thing with our family, it’s not just about finding snacks for school, it’s about finding snacks for our family on-the-go and also at home. As you know from reading my blog, we’re a busy family. With swimming and baseball and after-school activities, we’re sometimes not even home till dinnertime, so we rely on finding snacks that we can bring with us throughout the afternoons, too. I, too, love to find snacks that I enjoy with the boys!

I love that the abound line offers nuts and trail mix options. Almonds, Pecans and Trail Mix have been some family faves.

CVS Gold Emblem Products


I love to snack on almonds and pecans because they are delish and good food to be munching on. They give me that extra energy I need when I’m hungry for dinner, but it’s not time yet! 🙂

The Trail Mix is out of this world, too! Dark Chocolate, Fruit & Nut Trail Mix is yummy blend of rich dark chocolate, almonds, peanuts, dried cranberries, cashews, hazelnuts, and dried cherries. For the first time ever, my sons aren’t just seeking out the chocolate pieces!

CVS Gold Emblem Products

CVS Gold Emblem Products

It’s easy for me because I’ll pop everything into little baggies and head out! It’s an easy way to get out there and enjoy the day, but also know we have some great snack options on hand, too.

The better food you put in your body, the better you are! 🙂

Also, make sure you’re using your ExtraCare card. That magic red card!!

CVS Gold Emblem Products

It’s important to make sure you’re visiting the ExtraCare Coupon Center when you first head into your CVS/pharmacy. They are usually bear the front of the store, which helps you find it easier. It’s super easy and quick and you’ll be able to get coupons on the spot. You’ll also be able to score some extra deals while you’re there.

Equally important… don’t forget to have the cashier scan your card as you’re checking out too for more ExtraCare rewards! But definitely check out the CVS Gold Emblem Products line!

Disclosure: Sponsored post with CVS/pharmacy.

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