New Chobani Yogurt Tubes – Back to School Lunchtime Snack

I’m all about finding the best items to pack in my sons’ lunchboxes. It’s not always easy. I’ve been obsessed lately with Chobani Yogurt Tubes because they’re 1) healthy 2) easy 3) adorably fun for them! I’m excited to share with you my new love for them and really hone in on way you should try Chobani Yogurt Tubes out!

Chobani Yogurt Tubes

My sons all have different food personalities.

William will eat the same lunch every single day at school for 180 days.
Alex will only eat certain foods. He hates sandwiches, but loves snacks.
Ben will eat almost anything, he’s my “easiest” eater.
Henry will eat most things we give him, he just needs to be “prepped” first.

When it comes to certain snack foods for lunch and for actual snack times, I know there are a few things that they will all eat. Chobani yogurt is one of them. All of my sons LOVE Chobani.

It’s one of those items that always make its way into their lunchboxes and everyone loves it. We even freeze them so when the boys get to school, they’re extra cold. They also love to eat them frozen… like it’s a true frozen treat. Another thing we do, since we’re HUGE swimming family, Chobani always travels with us to the pool deck. It’s easy for the boys to eat between races and on-the-way to and from the pool.

Chobani Yogurt Tubes

I’m excited to share that there are NEW Chobani Kids Greek Yogurt Tubes!

About Chobani Yogurt Tubes

With 5 grams of protein and 30% less sugar than the leading yogurt tubes, swapping in this nutritious snack is a great thing to do.

Hitting shelves now, Chobani Kids Greek Yogurt Tubes are available in five delicious flavors; Strawberry, Banana, Chocolate Dust, Grape and Watermelon.

Make sure you look into adding these into the lunches of your kids! There’s nothing like yummy and delish yogurt that’s also super healthy for them, too!


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