Baby Brian Is 6 Months Old!

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Dear Baby Brian,

I posted a photo of you today for your 6-month birthday and said, “I would have ten more if they were all like this kid!” And it’s true. You are so happy, so loving, so funny, so good-natured, so JOYFUL, and I’m not exaggerating when I say that everyone who meets you adores you.

Last month you were just starting to roll from your back to your belly, but now at 6 months you are a rolling machine! I can’t put you down anywhere without you rolling all around. You are almost sitting up on your own. You haven’t started crawling just yet, but you sometimes get into position like you want to. I think you’re going to start scooting around in no time!

We just started feeding you solids recently – so far you have tried bananas and sweet potatoes, and right now you like sweet potatoes best. Putting you in your high chair for the first time was a definite “big boy” moment. You looked so proud of yourself! You’re growing up so fast!

You continue to love your jumparoo/play station, as well as the mobile above your crib. You’re getting so good at reaching for and playing with your toys all by yourself. Some of your favorite toys are your colorful, soft geometric shape toy, your noisy Bobcat/skidsteer toy (much to Daddy’s delight), and any baby wipes package (you love the noise!). You don’t have any teeth yet, but you still love put anything and everything in your mouth to chew on (including your toes!), so those teeth must be coming in soon.

You get such a kick out of your doggy siblings. Sometimes you just giggle hysterically at them – it’s so cute! You also like to grab their fur, so we’re teaching you to be gentle with them, and vice versa. You also love the sound of your own voice, and babble constantly, which is adorable to hear.

I can’t wait to see what you learn and do this next month, Baby Brian. Thank you for keeping us laughing and smiling all the time! We love you so, so very much!

Love always,


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  1. What a love, Jane! I love the photos! Looks like you guys are having a great summer. I love the idea of writing this letter to baby – may have to write a little something to my Andrew! Motherhood sure is grand!

Baby Brian Is 6 Months Old! was last modified: August 13th, 2014 by Jane Couto Govednik