Anchor Clothing – Fashion Friday #OOTD

Are you ready for some anchor clothing!? I’m obsessed with anchors and I love to be able to show them off! I live in Rhode Island, so for me – it’s always anchor time! I also love the nautical trend, so this is a fun way to make this trend fly! And – the best part of all!? It’s Fashion Friday!! I’m super excited to be sharing this easy and relaxed look for the day. I love that I can wear this look ANYWHERE! I feel comfy. I feel cozy. I feel chic. I feel trendy. You need to always make sure you have a go to outfit in your closet and this is one of them!

Anchor Clothing – Fashion Friday

For me, today is all about anchoring away!! That’s right, I’ve got my anchor clothing on and I’m ready for some Friday fun! I bought this shirt at Vineyard Vines on super sale and I absolutely love it. It’s one of those items that I love wearing and it just flatters and fits my body perfectly. I actually bought it thinking I would wear it to the beach as a cover up and I was SO wrong! This is a tunic that I love to wear as a blouse and I think it’s easily on of my fave of all time now! Every time I wear it – people stop and ask me where it’s from!

So how did I style my Vineyard Vines Anchor Clothing!? I decided to pair my top with a pair of capris that fit me like a glove and a super cozy pair of loafers. This look is great for dinner out, bus stop pick up or even a work meeting! I know it depends on what you do, but you could potentially get away it at a work meeting! I love how it really is a classic and timeless top that just works. It works well with just about anything. I could wear this with a pencil skirt, too!

Anchor Clothing

The reason why I wanted to wear the capris is that I love how this blue wash works well with the top. I feel like it makes the red pop even more! I think it’s just a cute way to show my anchor love and really wear the nautical trend! I’m telling you right now – the nautical trend will never, ever go out of style! It’s a trend that anyone can pull off (any age!) and look fab and chic and perfect! I think it’s just timeless. There aren’t many trends that are like that!

Breaking down my look for you!

My look:
Tunic – Vineyard Vines (Anchor Clothing for the WIN!)
Capris – American Eagle
Loafers – Lands’ End

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Anchor Clothing – Fashion Friday #OOTD was last modified: May 2nd, 2019 by Audrey McClelland
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Anchor Clothing – Fashion Friday #OOTD was last modified: May 2nd, 2019 by Audrey McClelland