Seven Dwarfs Mine Train Ride

As soon as I got back from my Disney World press trip, I found out that my site needed a full optimization process done to it… which means, I wasn’t able to blog for the last week and a half and have felt HANDCUFFED! It was the toughest! Fortunately I was able to get some evergreen posts up when they told mean, but I wasn’t able to dive in and blog about anything that I had done recently. Today I FINALLY CAN! WOOHOO! I was one of the first to go on Seven Dwarfs Mine Train Ride a Disney World!

Seven Dwarfs Mine Train Ride

Seven Dwarfs Mine Train Ride

As you could tell from my Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and YouTube stream… I spent 2 days last week at Disney World. I was invited to be part of their Seven Dwarfs Mine Train Ride Press Trip. I was so excited when I got the invitation because:

1. I love Disney World
2. I love the Seven Dwarfs movie

Seven Dwarfs Mine Train Ride

I’m going to be totally honest with you right now, I was nervous about trying out the ride because I’m scared of roller coasters, but I figured that was something that probably worked for me because if I can do it, anyone can do it! 🙂 I’m someone who needs their hand held. I’m not kidding – I’m not really good at “winging” on roller coasters! I need support and love and patience. Thankfully Vera Sweeney and I went on together!

Here we were leading up to the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train Ride…

Heigh-Ho, It’s Off You Go!

Deep inside an age-old mountain, clamber into a rustic mine train and make your way up a steep incline. 

At the summit, feel the wind across your face as you navigate hairpin turns and head deep into the mine shaft—your creaky cart teetering back and forth. Soon, the dark sparkles with glittering jewels and you encounter the Seven Dwarfs, whistling and singing while they work. 

Chug through the cavern and climb skyward. At the peak, glimpse an incredible view of Fantasyland before racing back down to the foot of the mountain.

Whistle While You Wait

Before embarking on your mine train adventure, try your hand at jewel sorting, then wash them with water spigots that play tunes you’ll recognize. When you come across a collection of wooden barrels overflowing with glowing stones, turn each barrel and watch as the ceiling above you is transformed. 

Don’t miss the notes that Doc left for you!

Seven Dwarfs Mine Train is a steel roller coaster located at Magic Kingdom and Shanghai Disneyland Park. Manufactured by Vekoma, the roller coaster is situated in the Fantasyland sections of both parks. Wikipedia
Located in: Magic Kingdom Park
Max speed: 34 mph
Drop: 39′
There is actually video of us riding the ride and as soon as I get it, I will post it. We also were able to interview one if the engineers that helped create the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train ride. Hearing him speak about it, it was like he was talking about a child… that’s how passionate he was about it. It was so cute to see and so interesting to hear him speak

But, I’m telling you – the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train Ride is AWESOME. I mean, it is AWESOME.

Here are some cool facts about the ride:
1. The Seven Dwarfs Train Ride goes both indoors and outdoors
2. The Seven Dwarfs Train Ride is designed to appeal to a family oriented crowd with enchanting scenery and cartoonish architecture built to satisfy all ages.
3. The Seven Dwarfs Train Ride features a new ride system of a “tilting vehicle.” This new technology would simulate the swaying and tipping one would expect to experience in a mine cart.
4. The Seven Dwarfs Train Ride features songs from the film
5. The ride is 2 1/2 minutes long, which is a good length for a roller ride!
6. It officially opened on May 28th.

I know my sons will LOVE the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train. It’s one of those rides that I know will bring delight and love and cheers!

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Seven Dwarfs Mine Train Ride was last modified: March 12th, 2019 by Audrey McClelland
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Seven Dwarfs Mine Train Ride was last modified: March 12th, 2019 by Audrey McClelland