10 Reasons Why You Will Love MyMagic+ at Disney

Disney MyMagic+ Band

If you’re planning a trip to Disney soon, you are going to LOVE (I mean, LOVE) Disney’s new MyMagic+ Bands. Did I say, LOVE!?

I had the chance to try out the MyMagic+ Bands while I was away at Disney for the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train Ride Press Event and I thought they were genius. They will make travel for me and my family so easy, seamless and much less stressful (have you ever tried traveling with 5 kids?).

As I was tweeting about wearing one and trying them out, the questions came pouring in from Twitter – What are they like? Are they tough to wear? Do you think kids will like them? What can you do with them? Do you think travel will be easier at Disney?

I learned a ton about the MyMagic+ Bands when I was at the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train Press Event. It was amazing to learn what they’re doing now and how they will continue to evolve over time. Essentially, MyMagic+ takes your Disney vacation to a new level – it’s more customized and more seamless. You have the power to do it all from home – before you’re even are at the Park! If you will be staying at one of the Disney Resorts, you will automatically get one when you check in. If you’re not staying on the properties, you will need to purchase them for $12.95.

As Tom Staggs, chairman of Walt Disney Parks and Resorts told us “MyMagic+ is a fantastic new way for our guests to experience even more of the magic of a Walt Disney World vacation. The Walt Disney Parks and Resorts vision is simple: To be the most trusted provider of shared family travel and leisure experiences throughout the world. And with MyMagic+ we are taking that experience to a new level.”

So what do I personally love about them? What’s my “mom” thoughts on them?

10 Reasons Why You Will Love MyMagic+ at Disney:

1) The MyMagic+ Bands actually look like wristbands and bracelets, and they’re super easy to get on and super easy to get off. My sons will love the fact that they come in different colors, too.

2) The MyMagic+ Bands are waterproof, so you don’t have to worry about going on any water rides, swimming at your hotel or showering!

3) Your hotel key (if you’re staying at one of the Disney Resorts) and your credit card information are ALL inputted INTO the sensor within the MyMagic+ Band. No worrying about hotel keys. No carrying around credit cards. Everything is right there. All you do is touch the sensor to the touch point at stores, hotels and rides – viola! You’re good to get access.

4) Your Disney ticket? Yup. It’s ALL right there in your MyMagic+ Band. You get access to the parks and water parks with your Band. They turn stiles are GONE!

5) You can now check in at FastPass+ entrances with your MyMagic+ Bands. That’s right. No more telling Dad to run to Star Wars and you to run to Splash Mountain. Everything can be done right with your MyMagic+ Band. Talk about taking STRESS out of your trip.

6) I personally love this one with a big family, you can connect Disney PhotoPass images to your MyMagic+ Band account. AMAZING. I don’t have to worry about not being in photos anymore! We can all be in them together now!

7) The question has been asked by many of my readers, “If you lose your MyMagic+ Band, does all your personal information get out there, too?” NO. Disney set these up where you can only access your credit card information by inputting a special 4-digit code. So if I purchase food or merchandise with MyMagic+ Band, I also have to input my 4 digit code. No worrying about someone stealing your info. Just don’t make your code something easy like 1-2-3-4!

8) You will be able to eventually plan all of your dining through MyMagic+ Band, too! When Tom Staggs said, “Imagine not having to worry about saving a table with 2 kids, while the other kids go with Dad to get the food.” That is US! That is MY family. To think that will all be eliminated through an easy and seamless approach to dining makes me want to SING!

9) The MyMagic+ Bands were designed with ventilation in mind for your wrist. So they won’t be sweaty or stick to your wrist. They are very comfortable and can easily be adjusted to fit your wrist (and your children) perfectly.

10) Bling them out! Oh, yes. This will be my sons’ favorite part of the MyMagic+ Bands, they can easily be decked out and blinged with fun characters and shapes! I think this is GENIUS! I can see my sons wanting to change their characters every single day of our visit! There are Bandits. There are Magic Sliders.

10 Reasons Why You Will Love MyMagic+ at Disney was last modified: July 11th, 2017 by Audrey McClelland
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10 Reasons Why You Will Love MyMagic+ at Disney was last modified: July 11th, 2017 by Audrey McClelland