Google Helpouts – What they are and How to use them

Google does some pretty incredible things.

I can’t get over how forward-thinking they are and how they truly just want to make life easier for people.

It’s amazing.

I just started really getting myself into Google+ lately. I love that I can share, +1 people and post links/photos/videos all day, every day. It’s been a great way for me to connect with so many different and cool people online.

Well… something else pretty cool and amazing is going on over at Google… Google Helpouts.

So what are Google Helpouts?

It’s simple. It’s real help from real people in real time.

Imagine this scenario as a parent. It’s 9PM at night, you’re child isn’t feeling well. He/she isn’t serious enough to go to an ER, but you can’t get in touch with your doctor and you have some question you want to ask someone who KNOWS something about the medical field.

Or here’s another scenario (one I know well). You’re 6 months pregnant. You’re feeling a little pulling on the right side of you stomach. Nothing too painful. Nothing where you’re too alarmed, but you want to look it up and see if this is “normal” or “common.”

Usually you’d go to Google, right?

And then you’d get tons of information at your fingertips, almost where it’s so much and you just want an answer in that moment.

This is where Google Helpouts come in.

Google Helpouts

They are incredible.

I had the chance to speak with Johan, the Parenting Category manager at Google Helpouts this week and he really did an exceptional job explaining to me the goal and the mission behind Google Helpouts.

Johan highlighted the importance of Helpouts for me:

– Google Helpouts launched in November as a basic platform to connect people with real-life experts.

– A wealth of information is Google’s mission, so this new value comes from the interaction that people can have with an expert

– You have the ability to access expertise easily AND streamline it by having it easily online for you

– You can easily search for experts on the Google Helpouts platform

– Some are free Helpouts and some cost a fee, it all depends on what you’re looking for

– Right now there are 8 categories that they are building out on Google Helpouts

I personally love the idea of Google Helpouts.

I think this is an awesome way to help moms, dads and caretakers.

Bravo, Google! Bravo!

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