Under Amour performance tech — Run Gloves with built-in touch-screen fingertips

Under Amour performance tech — Run Gloves with built-in touch-screen fingertips…


This is not a sponsored post. I just love spreading the word about great things I’ve found, used and love!



That title is a mouthful.

Or maybe, better yet, a handful.

But anyway, Under Armour’s Built-in Touch-screen Finger Tip Run Gloves are a little bit of a running miracle for me.

My husband surprised me with these Under Armour Run Gloves as a Valentine’s Day gift…


IMG_3378 2

IMG_3379 2


AND this perfectly light and colorful and feminine and comfy Under Amour fleece-lined headband…

IMG_3390 2

Yep. Tech gear for Valentine’s Day. And better than any box o’ chocolates.

(Oh, wait! He did get a glorious bouquet of red roses for me, too! He’s a keeper, all right!)…


But it’s the Run Gloves that have handed me a mind-freeing running experience.

You see, I run with my phone. I run with Endomondo. I run in sometimes extreme New England conditions and my family wants me to run with my phone in the case of an emergency. I am a Caregiver to my elderly Mom and I need the ability to be contacted by her immediately. I have 11 grandkids who call or text or Facetime, sometimes just to say hello. I always answer. I get business calls or emails or text messages.

Running without my phone is a nightmare.

Up until now, running with my phone and attempting to answer it while running has been a nightmare.

It is a clumsy maneuver of removing my gloves, digging into my pocket or belt, pulling out my phone… and by then, with such frozen solid fingers and icy grip that I cannot even feel to drag my finger across the slide bar to answer.

By then, my call has gone to voice mail, my ice blocks of hands cannot even press the voice mail symbol and my mind has gone to the land of metacarpus mania.

The pit of phalanges.

Hands down disaster.

I tried my new gloves (and headband) today. It was the perfect day for an appendage opportunity — cold, windy, extremity extreme…

IMG_3380 2

IMG_3382 2

It was actually MAGICALLY cold this morning. ICY GLASS SLIPPER cold! (But we’re talking hands here. Not Princess feet.)


I headed out on a 4.5 mile run.

At a bit past Endomondo calling out mile 1, my phone rang.

OK. Here’s the test.

My hands were warm and toasty inside my new gloves. There was no wet sweat (maybe I should be all ladylike and princess-y and call it moisture? Nah.)) all built up inside. My hands felt so lightweight and free.

OK. Answer the phone, Grandma.

I pulled my phone from my belt.

Touched the slide unlock with my built-in touch-screen fingertips.


Gloves on.

In handy-dandy style, these gloves gave ME the upper hand!

I could instantly hear my Mom on the other end, telling me that she was up and about her day. It’s sometimes difficult to explain the necessity of being in instant touch with a loved one to someone who doesn’t Caregive.

Then I MADE a phone call. Gloves on while running.

I can say straight out that these new gloves with the touch-screen capability are a life-changer for me when it comes to my running, my training for challenges that I get myself into; like running l-o-n-g marathon training miles or my current 70.3 training.

I run and cycle A LOT. I run and cycle even in very cold conditions because I love being outside. I will be wearing my new gloves on bike rides, too… with the hand and mind-boggling comfort of keeping my hands warm while using my ubiquitous phone.

Cold means nothing to me now that I can easily, swiftly answer my phone or make an important call, check my email or other social media sources, use my electronics on-the-go — all without the cold having the upper hand.

I’ve gotta hand it to Under Armour and my husband for making this teeny, tiny change in my tech gear to hand me the greatest results.


I love my new Under Armour gloves.

They work.

Hands down conclusively!

















Under Amour performance tech — Run Gloves with built-in touch-screen fingertips was last modified: July 11th, 2017 by Sharon Couto
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Under Amour performance tech — Run Gloves with built-in touch-screen fingertips was last modified: July 11th, 2017 by Sharon Couto