My love of Fashion, Tide and Downy #PGFutureFabrics – PART 1

P&G Future Fabric Event…

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When I lived in NYC back in 2001, my first job was working at Donna Karan. I’ll never forget when I went for my interview, the ONLY entry level job available at that time was being an assistant to Donna Karan. She had 3 of them and was looking to find a 4th. I JUMPED at the chance. I actually remember saying in my interview, “I’ll sweep the floors of the office if you want me to.” That’s how much I loved fashion and just wanted to be near it, in it and around it!

That job changed my life.

I was immersed in fashion every single day for the next year while I worked in that position. I saw the design side. I saw the PR side. I saw the business side. I saw samples and sketches and Collections. It was amazing, amazing, amazing because I just fell deeper in love with fashion. The one thing I will always remember from that job was Donna Karan saying that a dress isn’t just a dress on a rack, it’s how someone feels in it. Donna knew how important fashion was to women and how much of an emotional connection was there, too. It’s a way to express yourself, it’s a way to identify who you are and it’s way to show the world who you are.

My fashion self has never changed. Even though I’m not a 20-something living in NYC anymore, fashion is still something that is my priority. I love to look good. Now that I’m a suburban mom of 5… my fashion self has just grown 5x… I love my family to look good and feel good, too. I started blogging about fashion for moms and kids because it’s my passion.

There’s just ONE vital piece about fashion… you need to take CARE of the pieces.

Tide, Downy and Bounce are my secret weapons.

Whenever P&G’s Fabric Care Team hosts an event, I LOVE to be there because I’m a true loyal consumer and I LOVE learning new things and being able to share them with my audience. I literally do about 3 loads of laundry a DAY… with 4 boys and a baby girl, it’s never-ending… but for some reason, I LOVE to do laundry. I really do. I’m one of “those” people! 😉 So whenever I get to hear about laundry, I love it!

The P&G Fabric Care event was called…

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… I spent all Thursday morning in NYC at this event and it was awesome!

I excited to share the info from the event!

I loved hearing Alex Keith, P&G Fabric Care North America VP and General Manager, kick off our day… she spoke how P&G understands the importance of fashion and that people invest (financially and emotionally) in their clothes. She let us know that P&G Fabric Care Team has the goal to clean, protect and enhance clothing through their products. I love how P&G has the passion, the drive and the dedication to make sure they produce the best products to consumers.

They simply… as Alex Keith put it…. “want to keep your clothes looking like new for longer.” As a fashion lover, I love this. They are VERY fashion-minded, and this is so wonderful to their consumers, especially for someone like me.

On a global level, P&G Fabric Care has appointed its first-ever Global Fashion Consultant, London-based fashion designer Giles Deacon, to guide the brand’s fashion-minded approach. Deacon will collaborate with P&G Fabric Care to share his expertise and industry insights and to help inform P&G’s approach to designing sophisticated fiber care technologies.

“I’m interested in designs that work on the catwalk but also beyond the catwalk – they must be able to last and maintain their best,” says Deacon. “It’s exciting to collaborate with P&G Fabric Care at a time when they are redefining what caring and cleaning for clothes means.”

P&G has also joined forces with the world’s premier fabric and textiles show and trends observer, Première Vision, to further understand technology advances in fibers and fabrics. P&G will apply those insights to products that enable consumers to confidently care for a vast range of clothing – from unexpected hybrids and mixed materials to air-light textiles. Through the global partnership, P&G aims to explore the ever-evolving fabrics and fashion landscape and merge innovation to drive extended longevity, beauty and performance of the fashion that consumers love.

“We are delighted to join hands with P&G on this exciting project that is rooted in innovation. Fashion and fabrics are constantly evolving and shaping our everyday wardrobe,” said Première Vision. “Our collaboration with P&G Fabric Care will see us share each of our intelligence regarding the latest textile innovations and respond to future consumer issues – including garment care – related to the development of new types of fabrics and materials, as well as to future trends and directions in terms of textile creation, innovation and diversity.”


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Tide is known for its brilliant clean… this we all know and love about them. Well, get ready for a little something extra! The new Tide Plus Collection dials up the benefits of each individual existing Tide variant to give you even more of what you love in every bottle. The newest addition to the Tide Plus Collection is Tide Ultra Stain Release, which helps remove 99% of everyday stains and features a unique pre-treat “Zap! Cap” for the toughest stains. The Tide Plus Collection will be available in retail outlets nationwide beginning in February 2014. Whether it’s your favorite soft sheets, your fresh fluffy towels or your favorite tee that you want to stay bright, keeping garments like new usually means more than just keeping them clean. The new Tide Plus Collection offers custom formulations to fit your lifestyle and each variant is tailored to provide a specific laundry benefit for your unique needs.

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The event was SUPERB!!!!!

Thank you, P&G for the invite!!!!

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  1. I’m a tide lover! Keeps our clothes fresh, clean & puts that pep in your step, when you have great smelling clothes. I’m excited to try the new Tide Plus Collection coming out. Thank you for sharing.

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