101 Things to Do with your Family on a Friday Night (in the winter)

101 Things to Do with your Family on a Friday Night101 Things to Do with your Family on a Friday Night (in the winter)

101 Things to Do with your Family on a Friday Night

101 Things to Do with your Family on a Friday Night


Every Friday night, my sons ask me the SAME question, “What are we going to do tonight?”

I thought it would be fun to think of 101 things to do with your family (I added girl stuff in, too!). I hate when Friday night comes and we don’t have a plan, so I wanted to get some ideas flowing! I’m telling you with 5 kids – Friday nights are sacred. Every time the kids get home they ask what we’re doing and it’s always the same – WHAT DO YOU WANT TO DO? And then shrug their shoulders. Well… enough!

I’m coming up with a list of 101 Things to Do with your Family on a Friday Night because it’s essential for our family to have a list to pull from when we’re looking for things to do! My advice? Print this out and use it for your family next time it’s a Friday night and you’re asking yourselves WHAT TO DO.

Here are 101 Things to Do with your Family on a Friday Night (in the winter):

Go to the movies
Family game night
Go ice skating
Indoor mini golf
Head to a local arcade
Make your own pizza night
Roller skating
Movie night at home
Taco night
Build a fort with blankets
Make your own movie
Craft project
Decorate for an upcoming holiday
Camp out in the living room
Create an obstacle course outside or inside (use flashlights for outside)
Picnic in the living room
Pajama party
Baking cookies or cupcakes
Make some Rainbow Loom bracelets
Family swim night at a local indoor pool
Build a huge LEGO castle, plane, stadium, etc
Indoor basketball game
Have a fashion show
Volunteer somewhere together
Find a local theatre to see what’s playing
Ice Capades (if in town)
Trampoline park
Drive-in movie theatre
Head to a local bookstore
Make a music video
Start working on a family tree
Laser tag
Play video games
Create a scavenger hunt and do with your kids
Make your own ice cream
(If you have girls) Manicure and pedicure night
Go to a local pet store/shelter and play with the animals
Find a Planetarium to visit
Head to a sporting event
Pottery making class
Find a family cooking class
Go shopping together at your local mall
Start a family scrapbook
Have a family memory night – show old videos and photos
Have grandparents over for dinner
Do a painting project together
Read a book together
Family dress-up night (pirate night, rockstar night, etc)
Have a breakfast for dinner night
Family photo night
Indoor race track
Build a puzzle together
Sewing project
Head to a toy store and browse around
If a musical family, play instruments together
Make your own donuts
Build a train track
Dance party time
Start a blog together
Yoga class together
Go to a psychic together
Head to a local town/city and have a fun night exploring
Indoor batting cages (or outdoor, depending where you live)
Indoor tennis courts (or outdoor, depending where you live)
Indoor waterpark
Haircut night
Organize a room in your house together
Local band playing, go check out the show
Makeover night
Holiday shopping
Head out for dessert after eating dinner at home
Indoor gymnastic center
Laundry night 9have fun with it – make it a competition)
Make your own t-shirt night (bedazzle!)
Play-doh night
Make cards to send to friends and family
Tell ghost stories around your fire
Book a family vacation together – look online and see where everyone wants to go
Put together a fish aquarium
Painting project together
Look up at the stars in your backyard and make wishes
Nightime walk together around your neighborhood
Fondue night
Go through your house together and find things to donate
Habachi night
Stay at a local hotel, just for a fun night out
Order take out and have it delivered
Create fashion looks for the week
Funny hairdo night
Make dinner together – everyone gets a job
Toilet paper mummy night – make mummies out of toilet paper!
Make your own jam/jelly night
Family trivia night – everyone comes up with questions and everyone has to answer
Decorate your own mug/plate
Make a pillow fortress
Make s’mores outdoors
Milkshake night
No technology night – no TV, no computers, no cellphones
Set your dining room table up and have a “fancy” night
Visit a local nursing home and deliver cookies/flowers to the patients

101 Things to do on a friday night with your family

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