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One of the best gifts a new mom can receive is a baby blanket… take it from me, you can never, ever have enough!

Victoria was born on July 9th, literally… she was born on one of the hottest day’s of the summer for us here in Rhode Island. Yet, the one thing that soothed her was a cozy, toasty blanket. There’s something magical about a blanket, or blankie as we call them, that soothes and relaxes a baby.

I’m always asked by moms to recommend some really wonderful blankets for their babies or for them to give as gifts to their new mom friends. I’m happy to share that American Blanket Company is a destination you should check out for some beautiful and cozy (and comfortable) blankets. They have the most exquisite Baby Blankets that make the most perfect addition to your baby’s collection of must-have-goodies.

The American Blanket Hand Stitched Collection includes three baby blankets and three baby quilts, all made in America, from the softest, warmest and finest, non-shedding, non pilling baby blanket fabrics in the world.

Believe me, I know how important it is to make sure your baby’s blanket doesn’t have a pilling problem, it’s the worst thing ever! Especially when your baby becomes attached to it and you have to stop letting them use it.

The Hand Stitched Collection’s baby blankets and baby quilts are all handmade with their signature Luster Loft fleece fabric: The softest, warmest fleece fabric available today and the best blanket fabric they make.

I had received the Gardenia Fleece Baby Quilt from American Blanket Company before my Victoria was born. The second I saw it… I knew it would be perfect for the fall and winter months ahead, it just had that glorious look about it.

And then I saw her with it… and I melted.






When you buy an American baby blanket or baby quilt, you’re buying the best baby blanket available today. Your baby blanket will be crafted in an historic textile mill, by a team of skilled artists committed to delivering you the finest, high quality, plush, fleece baby blankets and quilts.

A perfect gift for a baby in your life.

Bumps & Babies: American Blanket Company was last modified: July 12th, 2017 by Audrey McClelland
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Bumps & Babies: American Blanket Company was last modified: July 12th, 2017 by Audrey McClelland