Learn to Golf (Lesson 3): The FULL Rotation

Learn to Golf (Lesson 3): The FULL Rotation

I’ve been learning to play golf this spring/summer. It’s something that’s VERY important to me. My father and brothers play. My father-in-law plays. And I’m TRYING to get my husband to play. I’ve just always been interested in learning the game and getting good at it.

I’ve partnered with the PGA of America and working with an amazing instructor Susan Bond in Rhode Island. She’s simply the coolest and best instructor I could have asked for. She’s patient. She’s kind. She gets the game of golf. She has a passion for golf that is contagious and it’s wonderful!

Since I’m pregnant right now, I’ve been finding it a little more difficult to move the club in a full rotation. I’m afraid to “do anything too much,” so I brought my mother along with me to my lesson to watch and learn from her, too. There’s something very cool in golf about having a visual. You can read all the books. You can read all the blogs. You can even look at photos, but when you’re seeing something right there in front of you, with an AMAZING instructor giving tips (thank you Susan Bond!), you just GET things better.

This week at the lesson, Susan brought us to the driving range to play. I really have been having MASS problems with getting the rotation down. I’m too fast and I want to hit the ball too hard. You can’t do that… you just have to almost let your hands flow with the club in an easy, one-motion swing.

My mother got it down PERFECTLY.

Watching my mom, it made me “get” it quickly and easily.

Here’s her swing in photos…




One more time…




She really has that perfect swing and rotation by following through.

I can’t wait to try it out on my own!!

Disclosure: I have partnered with PGA of America

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Learn to Golf (Lesson 3): The FULL Rotation was last modified: July 14th, 2017 by admin