Celebrating 175 Years with P&G Beauty (Plus – GIVEAWAY!!)

Celebrating 175 Years with P&G Beauty

Can you believe it’s been 175 years of P&G?

It’s absolutely amazing to me. As someone who has always been a loyal P&G Beauty customer, I think this anniversary just goes to show the true beauty of P&G. Their products have become staples in millions of homes throughout the world and it’s just incredible to see P&G still going strong after 175 years! What an incredible milestone for them… !

Just look at the impact brands like COVERGIRL, Pantene and Venus have had on our lives throughout the years, they really have always been trusted and loved brands by millions. I am obsessed with this amazing video that was created showing the impact products like Pantene with the iconic gold cap packaging and other P&G Beauty favorites have had throughout decades of trends in 1.3 minutes. It’s funny… I’ve watched the video about 10 times and I absolutely love the 70’s hair and “today’s hair”, these 2 styles are exactly how I usually wear my own hair – either full of Farrah volume or totally sleek and straight. It’s easy to see first-hand through this video why we rely and depend on P&G Beauty products. They have continued to keep us beautiful and confident through the years, which is an impactful and truly empowering thing.

P&G Beauty brands like Olay and Pantene have defined beauty for me throughout my life. My grandmother was an Olay and Pantene customer. I remember seeing the pink Olay Beauty Fluid and Pantene gold cap bottles in her bathroom when I was a child and thinking I couldn’t wait to use them myself someday. These beauty products have defined true-beauty for me. Beautiful skin and gorgeous hair… just like my grandmother and mother have. Till this day… my grandma is 88 years old, she STILL uses Olay and Pantene products. Pantene has offered women state-of-the-art products using unique ingredient discoveries to improve hair health for more than 60 years. And the beauty industry forever changed with the launch of Oil of Olay Beauty Fluid in 1952. My grandma still remembers buying her first bottle! Olay continues to wow women today as the first company to market a CC Cream in the U.S. Through beauty innovations and changing beauty needs, P&G Beauty has stuck by her and I love that. It’s a true beauty and generational thing for our family… and I will pass the P&G Beauty products on to my own daughter someday.

I couldn’t be more excited to help P&G Beauty celebrate 175 years! They have created the coolest infographics that I’m excited to share the #FunFact with you all!

I absolutely love what some are our favorite brands are doing to help celebrate 175 years. They are bringing together past and present innovations with a crowd-sourced time capsule in honor of P&G’s 175th Anniversary and they want YOU involved!

How cool is that?

Just visit StyleUnited by P&G Beauty’s Facebook page to vote for the products you would personally like to see included in the time capsule. The polls went live June 13th and will run through June 27th. .  The capsule will also be packed with today’s trends and other can’t-live-without-in-2013 items and sealed in P&G’s vault to be opened in 25 years.  (Hmm… that would make me 60 years old when they re-opened it!).

Tell me, what 2013 pop culture items do you think should go inside the time capsule. Is it an iPad, Wii U, this year’s best-selling book, a peplum shirt?

Dish away with me!!

I’ll be giving away a P&G Beauty basket to one lucky random reader who participates!!


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  1. fifty shades of grey, touch computer- iphone5, 3d movies and glasses the squeeze flavors in the tiny bottles- reuseable water bottles, chips that go into pets- fun thinking

  2. You could put a kindle in their with lots of best sellers on. Ipod with all the best selling singles for the past few years. Smart phone, magazines and maybe a pair of Jimmy Choos if anyone can bare to part with them!

  3. i think the ipad mini, iphone 5, samsung galaxy, and power bag should go inside the time capsule!

  4. I think the iPad mini should go into the capsule!

    Thanks for the chance to win!
    wildorchid985 at gmail dot com

  5. An iPad packed with Vimeo’s to educate the finder about what was happening in the world right now. A newspaper and an Allure magazine from the time it was packed.

Celebrating 175 Years with P&G Beauty (Plus – GIVEAWAY!!) was last modified: July 14th, 2017 by Audrey McClelland