10 Favorite Things About Summer

Tomorrow is the first full day of summer – my favorite season! When the sun is shining, the days are long, and the smell of a fired-up grill is in the air, I’m just a happier girl.

Here are 10 of my favorite things about summer:

1) Blooming hydrangeas

2) Del’s Lemonade

3) Green grass

4) Eating al fresco

5) Letting my hair air dry

6) Summer sunsets

7) Fresh fruit

8 ) Corn on the cob

9) Boat rides

10) Carnivals

What would you add to this list?

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SHOWHIDE Comments (6)
  1. HOORAY for summer (and Del’s!). I LOVE your slide pic. It’s so perfect- and the blur with the lights is totally THAT summer pic we all have of the carnivals from summers as a kid. I love love love it!

  2. Oh, Janie… I love your list and I love summer mornings, when you can hear kids’ laughing and the sounds of little running sneakers and bikes and skateboards through the OPEN windows! I love sidewalks and dogs sniffing and fluffy white clouds and red, reds of strawberries and watermelon and stripes on flags drifting in the warm breeze. I loved summer when you guys were kids… the first family at the pool each morning and watching you guys jump into the cold water on a hot day, like pancake batter on a griddle! I love the greens of trees and grass, too… and the flowers as the emerge and change and blossom and repeat the magic all summer long. I love cotton pjs and early sunrise and late sunset and the yellows and oranges and pinks and blues of it all. I love kids reading summer books and feeling and living the adventures because the pressure is off to get SO much done. I love our grapevine and summer porches and iced coffee and beer and lemonade! I guess I love summer, just like you! xoxox!

  3. Road trips in the country , buying fresh produce from the local farmers, pick your own berries and enjoy the great outdoors.

10 Favorite Things About Summer was last modified: June 20th, 2013 by Jane Couto Govednik