So when DID our son Adam become adept at the Mechanical Bull? Hmmmm.

Mechanical Bull champ…

There’s been this little spur in my brain, so to speak, since my family attended the fabulous Get Gored for Good fundraiser for Amos House in downtown Providence on April 28th.


I’ve been seriously wrangling with the fact that our son Adam, 38 years old, a very busy Sales Manager at our family business Barrington Printing and husband and Daddy extraordinaire, has obviously somehow found the time to perfect his Mechanical Bull-Riding skills. Adam earned the distinction, on the Get Gored for Good Mechanical Bull, of achieving the l-o-n-g-e-s-t ride of the day.  Here’s Adam looking oh-so-innocently-UN-Urban-Cowboy…

But was he born to ride?


This is not bull.  This is Badass Bull. Adam seems to know the ropes of a bucking animal more intimately than I’d like to think.  And all of this got me thinking to when this skill may have bucked in.  I mean, thinking back, Adam seems to have always enjoyed riding things…

Parked things.

Little Tug Boats.

Sky rides.

And Daddy.

But Mechanical Bull-Riding?

Was this a junior high school extracurricular activity that I missed?  Junior Rodeo?

High School elective?  Iron Cowboy?

Maybe while at the University of Rhode Island?  Collegiate Bareback Rigging?


At Get Gored for Good, each of my family members and I tried our hands and lives at the Bull.  Up, on, round and round, down.  I, personally, lasted all of 3 seconds.

Then Adam hopped aboard and I began photographing the probable 5 seconds or so.  5 seconds turned to 10.  10 to 20 and then some. Up, on, round and round and round and round and up and buck and round.  Still on. And I kept snapping…

WHFront and Quarter Binds?

Waving?  What the buck?!

I wanna know which Smackdown, Bushwacker, Meat Hook, Bodacious, Rowdy All Night Badass Bull that Adam’s been ridin’ in his spare time.  Or is it just Adam’s sweet Poker Face that’s hidin’ all the ridin”?

I was startin’ to think Adam’s got some real cred in this new profession when…


I’m thinkin’… for all the thigh squeezin’, rhythmic leanin’, relaxed balancin’, blister chaffin’, bronco buckin’ talent, Adam just might be needin’ a nice pair’a assless chaps for his upcomin’ B-‘day (that’s both Buck and Birthday, folks!).

Who knew we had a real Urban Cowboy in the fam whose new nickname just might be Buck.

Buck Couto.

I like it.

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  1. That is HILARIOUS!! I’m impressed. I’m regretting that I didn’t ride the bull when we were there. How did you do on it? Maybe Adam has one stashed in the basement somewhere…. 🙂

  2. HA! This made me laugh out loud multiple times! I have always wanted to ride a mechanical bull, however I doubt I have the same skills as your son!

  3. He must be so thrilled with the idea of chaps for his bday 🙂 I love all the pics you’ve posted from this day. I had no idea about the run, but it looks like something I need to get involved in!

    P.S. I had NO idea that was your family business! I worked for for a year (my last job before Addie) and loved it!

  4. Still amazed at how fun this event looked! The second to last photo of Adam holding on for that last second is my favorite 🙂

So when DID our son Adam become adept at the Mechanical Bull? Hmmmm. was last modified: July 17th, 2017 by admin