Pogo Party! – (I’m Sixty, But I Don’t Know It)

I’m 60, but I don’t know it…

When I was 8 or 9 years old, I got my first Pogo Stick.  I was living in New Hampshire at the time, and I don’t remember if it was a birthday or Christmas gift, but I do remember that that thing with the handles and pedal thing and spring got my heart pounding with anticipation.  I remember keeping it in our garage and practicing on that thing in the garage and in my driveway until I could manage a spring or two.  Then 10. Then 20.

Believe me, it took time, because body weight corresponds to just how hard you can push down on that pedal thing that makes the spring actually spring (scientific, I wasn’t; determined, I was).

Well, 50 or so years later, I still love the heart pounding anticipation and skills of Pogo Sticking.  I’ve managed 500 jumps with something left in me. Yesterday, I pulled one of my Pogo Sticks from our garage and had a Mother’s Day treat…

All 9 grandkids wanted to try, too… and my 12-year old granddaughters Taylor and Maddie got the hang of it!

(Guess what they’ll be getting for Christmas?!)

The best part of being 60?  NOT KNOWING IT!

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  1. ROCK ON!! I am so impressed! I am not capable of “pogoing” at all! I remember trying it as a child, at summer camp and bouncing myself right off the curb and on to the pavement!

  2. You are inspiring and I know why I love you and your family so much- you remind me of us. We are all determined and strong willed. My Mom, at 60+ has only 2 grandbabies, but 2 20 year old boys (my twin brothers) in college and is still seeing patients full time (she’s a psychologist).
    I think you’re doing this “aging” thing right… by NOT! Life is what happens while you’re busy making other plans- thank you for showing us all how to stop planning and just DO the living!
    Keep on pogoing!!

  3. Sharon, you’ve got some height there! I remember loving the Skip It like you love the Pogo Stick. I wish more kids played with such classics. What a cool Grandma to actually demonstrate to them how to use it! P.S. 60 is the new 40!

  4. You’re amazing! I love how your grandkids were inspired to try it out as well 🙂 I think pogo sticks for Christmas gifts is brilliant!

  5. You are so AWESOME! I’m sure its a good workout too. I haven’t tried it since I was kid. I think I need one for Christmas too 🙂

Pogo Party! – (I’m Sixty, But I Don’t Know It) was last modified: May 13th, 2013 by Sharon Couto