Filling “the view” and our chairs with love

Filling “the view” and our chairs with love…

Eighteen months ago, Barry and I put an offer on a home we lovingly called a view with a home. We had no intention of moving from our home; we just wanted to peek at the house that had sat vacant and been on the market forever.  I kind of felt sorry for the house.

But the view?

The view was lovely, overlooking a pond, the harbor beyond and a bike path, all from a big back yard that we knew our 9 grandkids and grandpups would love to romp and run and play in.

The home needed (and I cannot overstate this enough) tons of work.

The view sold us.

Twelve months ago, we moved into our new home and began to slowly chip away at the work.  Update today: the house still needs tons of work.

But the view?   Each season, each month, each day, each moment of the past 12 months has given us a view of lovely that calms the soul.  This is our Spring view…

Our 9 grandkids and grandpups are each a year older and another grandbaby is due soon.  These precious children and pups have romped and run in the big back yard.  They have climbed the old apple and quince trees.  They have gathered all kinds of games and sporting equipment into our tattered little shed.  They have played exactly the way Barry and I imagined they would way back in September of 2011 when we fell in love with the view with a house.

It’s funny that the kids don’t care about the old kitchen in the house or the faded linoleum or the walls that need to come down. They don’t care about the old closets with the scalloped edges.  The don’t care about the squeaky storm doors and screen doors that don’t shut tightly, or the iron remains of an very old clothesline.  Heck, they don’t even know what a clothesline is.  They don’t care about the Mamie Eisenhower Pink of the upstairs bathroom or the two very drafty fireplaces.

But the view?

They love the colorful sunsets as God paints the sky each evening.  They love the bouncing sailboats in the harbor.  They love the green, green grass of summer and the crunchy white of winter snow.  They love the way the winds whips a football or wiffleball in a random direction or carries a goose in flight… or cool their cheeks on a hot summer day.

They love to play.  We love to play with them.

But most of all, I love the way these grandkids and pups and our kids and my Mom fill the view and our chairs with Love…

The Big, Crazy Love of Mother’s Day 2013.  The best view ever!

We’ll all be outside. The house can wait!


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  1. What impresses me most is the VIEW you have on life and what matters most. FAMILY. You are a blessed woman and I’m so happy for you and your beautiful family!

  2. I wish that when we did our east coast trip last year, it wasn’t your wedding week. We would have stopped to see that beautiful view. We’ll have to plan better next time. xoxo

  3. The view can make everything in a home! You have a gorgeous family and a gorgeous home! Congrats!

Filling “the view” and our chairs with love was last modified: May 14th, 2013 by Sharon Couto