Bumps & Babies: (I heart) Carousel Designs Custom Nursery Bedding

Babies & Bumps: (I heart) Carousel Designs Custom Nursery Bedding

With my first (4) babies, I picked out beautiful boy blue EVERYTHING.

Blue paint.
Blue clothing.
Blue booties.
Blue blankies.
Blue hats & socks.
Blue baby gear.
And yes, (you guessed it!) blue nursery bedding.

Blue EVERYTHING. And truthfully, I loved it. I always wanted to have a son, and being able to pick out all these “little boy” things was so much fun for me and my husband.

When I found out I was pregnant in October of this year, I started going through all of our boxes in the attic of stuff from the boys. Everything was boy blue, not to mention… we had gotten rid of about 80% of what we had from the boys, after all – our youngest was 4 years old at the time. As I was going through what we did have, I kept thinking, “What if… just what if it’s not a boy!? Was that even possible!?”

Well… it was! We found out on February 13th, 2013 that we were expecting a GIRL!

You know what that meant for me!? For the first time ever, I got to gravitate towards the PINK section. PINK EVERYTHING! After having 4 boys, the PINK will be obnoxious this time around because everything will be pink from head-to-toe for her… and I’m loving every single second while I’m picking things out! It’s so much fun!

One of the things we’re working on right now is her nursery. The paint has been selected, it’s a gorgeous pale shade of pink. The crib color has been selected, it’s a gorgeous, white crib. The rug has even been selected, it’s a subtle shade of pink, perfect for the room. And I’m EXCITED to announce that the nursery bedding has been selected, too! It’s ABSOLUTELY, POSITIVELY fabulous!

Carousel Designs
helped me create and pick out the most fabulous and gorgeous bedding for my little girl, Victoria! What I loved about Carousel Designs (immediately) was that you get the option to shop their collections or design your own!

I decided to design my own! I loved that I got a hand in creating the perfect nursery for my daughter. I wanted PINK (obviously), but I didn’t want to go ALL solid pink… I wanted to bring in different patterns and make it a gorgeous, luxurious bedding set. I poured through all of the different patterns and colors Carousel Designs offered and found my FAVE picks… and then got to put everything together!

My (5) FAVE color picks were:
1 – Pink and Taupe Damask
2 – Pink Osborne Damask
3 – Pink Sateen
4 – Pink and White Polka Dot
5 – Solid Pink

When I put everything together, this is what my final nursery bedding looked like for Victoria…

Just exquisite!

I’m absolutely in LOVE!

Carousel Designs makes sure you get exactly what you want by offering unparalleled collections of baby bedding. They have over 100 crib bedding collections for you to choose from… believe me, get ready to spend some fun time picking things out! I had an absolute blast with my husband. The design your own was the best option for us because we had Carousel Designs unique interactive designer helping us. It made it totally easy and super-fun! Bedding is one of the most important things for your baby because this is where he or she will spend their sleeping time. You want them to be comfortable and cozy, and I love that Carousel Designs offers that, too!

I can’t say enough amazing things about Carousel Designs.

I’m just excited to see the bedding in Victoria’s crib… and then see my little girl sleeping away on her customized bedding that we picked out especially with her in mind.

I HEART Carousel Designs!

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Bumps & Babies: (I heart) Carousel Designs Custom Nursery Bedding was last modified: July 17th, 2017 by Audrey McClelland