Daily Diary: 30 Things About Me #30ThingsAboutMe

Daily Diary: 30 Things About Me #30ThingsAboutMe

I don’t always base my blog posts on Twitter Trending Topics, but today… well, I’m on the train heading to NYC and I thought it would be fun to do one of these.

I’m a pretty open book on my blog.

There’s really not anything I shy away from discussing about myself (OK, my sex life is definitely off topic). I just thought it would be cool to do one of these because I never really take the time to get into these memes.

1. I drink my coffee black.

2. Before I found out I was pregnant with a baby girl, I had a very vivid dream that it was a girl. It was crazy because the only other time I had had a vivid dream like that was when I was pregnant with Alexander. I dreamt of 2 little boys on a canoe together. I remember waking up and telling Matt, “I know this is a boy.” And 2 weeks later, we found out Alexander was on the way!

3. I wash my hair once a week. As gross as it sounds, the longer I go, the better it looks.

4. I am terrified of elevators.

5. I’m an obsessive cleaning product shopper. I just need to actually use the stuff I buy. But literally… I can’t step into Target without buying SOMETHING in the cleaning product aisle.

6. The only celebrity I would actually get ga-ga over meeting and probably lose my cool with is Rachel Zoe. I would go (literally) BANANAS.

7. I believe in angels.

8. The favorite part of my day is hearing the footsteps of my little men come running into my room in the morning. Nothing better.

9. I always wanted to have a big family. ALWAYS.

10. The day I met Matt, I knew I was going to marry him. (I didn’t tell him that for months… but it’s true, I just knew that day – like all of a sudden, all the stars were aligned.)

11. I’m 5 feet tall.

12. I could eat grilled cheese with tomato and bacon every single day for lunch (pregnant and when I’m not pregnant).

13. I hate scary movies.

14. I dream of owning an apartment in NYC and a house in Florida… all while making Rhode Island our home base.

15. I love the days when the boys want hot lunch. 🙂

16. I’m the best deal shopper when it comes to buying clothing. I can’t figure the whole coupon thing out for grocery shopping, but give me a shop and clothes, I can find you a deal.

17. I don’t use google calendars, I’m a total old-school girl – I love writing all my appointments and deadlines in my book.

18. I LOVE to bake for my family.

19. I’m a total sunshine girl… I hate the snow and I hate the cold.

20. One smell I love and never get sick of is chlorine. I feel at “home” on a pool deck.

21. When I watch my sons swim, to me… the best part of their race (regardless if they win or lose or do their best times ever) is watching the shake hands with the kids they swam against. It really warms my heart.

22. I wish I had time to scrapbook. It’s one thing I know I would love to do.

23. I don’t know how to drive a stick shift.

24. I pinch my knuckle when I’m nervous.

25. I wear glasses.

26. When I first got pregnant with William, I got a false negative pregnancy test. I was DEVASTATED! I went out that night and had 2 glasses of red wine and then the next night 2 more glasses! Felt sick a week later and low and behold, I was PREGNANT! I joke with Matt saying… William walked at 9 months, talked at 10 months… was it because of the red wine?

27. I can remember phone numbers and dates of things. It’s freaky.

28. My very 1st car was a gray Jeep Cherokee. I LOVED that car and it even had my birthdate as my license plate – 52378.

29. I love to spray tan. I can’t do it while pregnant, but I’ll tell you… it’s one of my pleasures.

30. I know… I know… it’s not good. But my iPhone is glued to me at all times.

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  1. i love reading your blog .. love it.. but now i love it more 🙂 Me: coffee-black; i don’t do cold.. at.all.. I have no clue how to drive a stick; I can’t stand elevators; & i am NEVER without my IPhone.. unless i’m running but that’s about it! ha!

  2. AND when you were a little girl, you were terrified of frogs. You hated corduroy pants. You loved boiled ham, potatoes and carrots. You used a bottle ’til you were 2. You hated to go to bed. I was told by a swim instructor at the YMCA, when you were 5 years old, that you’d never be a swimmer. You made Academic All American in high school as a SWIMMER! You taught Jane how to read when you were 6 and she was 4. You were so excited to get here that you came 6 weeks early! Thank God, because Dad and I have had you, your humor, your fun, your wonderment, your love, your beautiful heart for 6 weeks longer! I love you! xoxox!