Why TODAY is my New Year, my New Day

Last January 29th, I sat in a hospital next to my husband while he was being poked and prodded about 100 times from nurses and doctors trying to determine what was wrong with him. His symptoms were extreme abdominal pain, the kind of pain where he couldn’t even stand up. He had a fever and he was just in HORRIBLE shape. I remember sitting there sick to my stomach because nobody was able to pinpoint what was wrong. They had ruled our stomach flu, Appendicitis, a hernia and a bunch of other things. As a last resort, they said they were going to do an additional cat scan because there looked like there could be something in his abdomen and they just wanted to rule anything and everything out.

3 hours later, after I had left my husband sleeping in the ER to go check on the boys at home, I got a call at 4AM.

“Audrey. It’s a tumor.”

My world went dark.

Fortunately Matt was able to get the tumor removed, it was a GIST tumor that they classify as cancerous. It was a tough time last year at this time, it wasn’t easy. We didn’t know what each day would bring and you literally just sit there waiting for test results and it’s difficult, so difficult.

I was so proud of my husband. He took what happened to him and instead of getting upset and saying, “WHY ME!?”, he took this and said… “It was me, and now more than ever I know how precious life is. I’m embracing life it its fullest!”

As we approached today, I’ve seen how far we’ve come.

I sat this morning in another doctor’s office, this time listening to the heartbeat of our beautiful baby-to-be, the baby to be from all of what happened last year.

It was crazy to think that a year ago so much happened, but to look back and see how far we’ve come as a family.

Today is my New Year, my New Day.

Today is a day I’m embracing as the beginning of our year.

So… Happy New Year everyone! 🙂

And to my Matty, I LOVE you mountains high and oceans deep. And CRAZY.

Why TODAY is my New Year, my New Day was last modified: January 29th, 2013 by Audrey McClelland
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  1. What a great reason to celebrate! Congrats on the baby and on a new year of health!
    You have a beautiful family and I’m so happy for you:))

  2. Whooooo hooooo!!!! Congrats! So happy for you & Matt. May this be a great, healthy & happy new year for you all. Blessings.

Why TODAY is my New Year, my New Day was last modified: January 29th, 2013 by Audrey McClelland